Blizzard, listen, the books are hurting WoW not helping it

The prequel Dragonflight book will be more of the same. Stop writing books that tie directly into the story we’re supposed to experience. Anything and everything that’s in that book could be used as content in a pre-patch, whether through some timey-wimey stuff or some mini boss encounters or something to that effect.

Stop using books to tell the overall story. Use your books to tell small plots that supplement Azeroth and beyond. Your books should be about insignificant characters and families that exist within the world but that don’t tie directly into the main story. Leave the main story directly in WoW from here on out, please. Or make Warcraft 4 and use that as context for the next 3 expansions. The books should be IN the game like in vanilla. As interactable lore objects that give us some further insight when it’s needed.

Is the community council mentioning any of this? Does it even matter?


I want more books to expand on the story and give us what we can’t get in-game. But I also want more in-game story content to go along with it. I miss the days when we got multiple books in every expansion so those who craved more detailed story than a video game can provide didn’t have to resort to writing their own to fill in all the blanks.


books sell for dollars though.


I will absolutely never buy one of those books, to me it feels kinda like a scheme you buy the game, you pay a monthly sub, you buy each expansion, you pay for a coherent story with those purchases and you pay for them to use on your computer and to see it take life in game, but what does blizzard do they spit in your face and demand you come off more money to read a book to get what you already rightfully paid for, it’s underhanded if you ask me shady shady shady, kinda like paid loot boxes, activision blizzard has become extremely predatory.


If only blizzard would stop putting new lore into books, instead put it in the dead profession called archeology which then players have to dig up. Then add some really rare new lore finds in the form of cinematics that no one has seen before which can also be dug up. Then top it off with title/achievement/and mount if you collect ALL the new archeology lore.


You can never get the kind of detail in a game that you get in a novel unless you want a long cutscene every ten minutes.


The existence of books doesn’t mean the game has to exclude parts of the story. I think that’s where Blizzard goes wrong.

I’ve read a few of their books. They’re great and I think they should continue to do them.

Sylvanas had a massive power gain that apparently made more sense to people that read the books, but made absolutely no sense to people that did not.
All they need to do is add a quick quest chain that summarizes the books.


This isn’t true. Everything can be told in game through quest dialogue, world building and in game lore objects.


You need to start reading better books.


But the existence of books gives them an out this way.


This thread is specifically focused on the Warcraft books.
To imply WoW can not add interesting story lines is just ridiculous.


Or cutscenes. It’s a lot easier to outsource the story to a particular high fantasy author than it is to just create the content in game and that’s where the disconnect occurs.

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I don’t think they hurt anything at all. They add to the depth of story.

I don’t see much difference in someone reading a synopsis I’d they’re interested - and those of us that have to watch YouTube videos to see the end game of the story. No biggie.

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I never said that. My first post actually says the opposite.

No, the amount of detail you’re talking about is unnecessary in a video game. We don’t need Game of Thrones level story in WoW.

Oh, you weren’t implying that WoW could not get good storylines in-game? :thinking:

I’m looking forward to the book. I like it when they expand upon the world more than what I see when I play. I don’t understand why people are so upset that they are releasing a book.
I suspect that much like the book that came out before Shadowlands, it will just focus on a small part of the overall story that we’re barely gonna notice it. So, relax. It’s going to be fine. It’s also just a game.

This should be IN the game, not outside of it. Not sure why you’re settling for less when we pay a box price for each expansion.


So you’re saying that we need more story content in the game, but people who want to expand on that with optional media like books, movies, or audio dramas such as the ones related to Legion shouldn’t be able to get access to them?

I said very plainly that I wanted more story content in the game, as well as having it further fleshed out in optional content like novels.