Blizzard just nerfed casual players

‘I have to level legitimately! I’m going back to my inferior bootlegs!’


This was actually something that was even mentioned back as far as beta. I believe that Esfand mentioned it to Asmongold who at the time didn’t know about it.


Aw man. But I don’t wanna be nerfed. I already hit like a wet noodle.

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The title suggests casuals should be mad for not exploiting the game.


Call me crazy: but my gaming journey is personal and I dont feel left out when others progress faster, whether they exploit layers/mechanics or not.

I think the title should be: Blizzard finally closed an exploit.

Not sure why that should be a nerf…oh wait…

Is that SALT from players who fantasized about gaining levels quickly at all costs? Those aren’t casuals, those are tryhards.

Blizzard just nerfed tryhards. Wah?


I do when its a pvp server and im suddenly fighting a bunch of 40s who leveled this way.

Also, the second half of your response was very childish. If I was as you described I would already be level 40 from the exploit and not wasting time posting here.


lol, wpvp.

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not sure what youre trying to say here


Oh. PvP happened on a pvp server. Noted.

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Didn’t we have months of beta testing for this stuff?

Magically no one noticed this?

And blizzard had the full 1.12 reference client with all the data?


You’re gonna get roflstomped by higher levels no matter what you do. Either you’ll get over it, or you won’t.

This message brought to you by the Warrior Baneus , who started Vanilla a month after everyone else and spent 8 years on the PvP server Kel’thuzad


This isn’t about PvP lmao.

It’s about all aspects of the server. Things will now be more expensive for the average player, resources will be more scarce, enemies more abundant. All aspects of player experience hindered because of an issue blizzard knew about yet chose to ignore.


wasn’t ubers, etc reduced to 15 players because MC was released as the new-defacto 40 man raid? and they changed ubers from the 40-man current content that it was, to a 15-man to emphasize more of a pre-MC-gear-up thing (since mc was released with epic gear and would be the 40-man raid)

In Wpvp a hunter can kill skull leveled melee fighters if they’re aware of the approach.

Casuals will be in 5 mans, and therefore will not be affected by raid xp calculations.

What this does is trash all the “achievements” of the recent speed running contenders that used this method.


But I’m so casual.

And also on a Normal server.

Too bad they didn’t fix this, that’s sort of silly.

On the flip side, it’s sort of nice that the hackers got ahead. Maybe they’ll get bored faster and leave the servers so I don’t have to deal with them.

All in all I think it will eventually blow over and things will stabilize. I don’t see this as a game breaking thing, it will just affect the economy for a week or so.

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The timing smells a bit as far as I’m concerned, not long after players have got to 60. Not long after an apparent raid clear.


Yep and I quit when I realized that all the players wanted to do was make cleave groups, exploit layering, and use add-ons that tell them exactly where to go next.

I’m 90% sure many players learned this behavior from other expansions… Rush End Game -> Farm using Automated Boss Timer/Phase Mods.

Vanilla took most people 20+ played days for max level… And that’s because there was a mountain of places to explore and see for the first time. Plus they actually read quests and figured out what they needed to do.

Sadly many won’t achieve what we really did back during our initial playthroughs… And that’s experience things in a fresh manner.

Really looking for a fresh server that drops layering and limits add-ons. Then I might come back.


No. I think Blizzard fixes things when they can. Was it a conspiracy against casuals? That would be quite interesting.

Again: I don’t care exploiters are ahead of me. Many players are. I’ll catch up eventually.

As for anyone being sore about this, my advice dude: “the greater the attachment, the greater the suffering.”

My tongue is technically ice cream white. I’ve been at Oceanside beach today, body boarding and taking my kids to surf lessons, and eating ice cream.

My day >>>> exploiter’s day.

Meant nothing personal but yeah I shouldn’t have typed that ‘wah’ My bad.


I play this game to have fun… to play the game to the difficulty it was intended. Would i want to play on exploits to make the game easy? I dont like easy leveling like the snoozefest leveling of BFA. Im here to have fun, to enjoy the journey… not cheating my journey becoz that would be not fun.