Blizzard just nerfed casual players

Congratulations to all the players who got to level using Scarlet Monastery cleave, you are now the Haves.

This should have been nerfed immediately and not days after world first guilds exploit it.


It wasn’t intended for classic and it definitely isn’t how people leveled back then(raid groups in dungeons). Classic isn’t a rush to max level like retail. If your only goal is to get to 60 then you won’t understand what made vanilla great and miss out on half of the game.

I understand a lot of retail players think like this because in retail the game “starts” at max level, but that isn’t how it is supposed to be here.

P.S. Don’t expect them to do anything about it like roll backs or anything. Just let it live as a blip in classic history and enjoy the game. Funny watching streamers run out of blackrock mountain wondering what they are supposed to do since they haven’t quested since level 30.


Pretty dumb that they nerfed it at this stage after a large group of players got to take advantage of it. They knew that this was a thing prior to launch given all the people doing it in beta. Poor decision making by Activision as usual.


What have I missed?
They nerfed this how?


its a special type of masochist the guy who 15 years later and should know better still decides to be lolret.

we said from the beginning classic balance is terrible (you think 3 outlaw rogue meta in retail is unbalanced…) we told you the playerbase is far more “elitist” due to have so many years to fine tune.

and now you wanna act surprised?


I am glad they nerfed it…it wasn’t intended…it was an exploit…


I don’t mind that it was nerfed at all. What I don’t like is that they let all the guilds competing for world firsts level through it for days and then shut it down.

That creates a massive advantage for all the guilds and players able to level this way, and a massive disadvantage to everyone who wasn’t.


Raid parties are supposed to give significantly less exp than a 5 man group, in reality 10 man raids in dungeons were giving the same amount as a 5 man, making dungeon grinding brain dead easy and really fast.


being in a raid was rewarding the same amount of xp as just a normal 5 man party I believe…that’s not intended…

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I wouldn’t be against them rolling back XP or handing out bans proportionate to the amount of XP exploited this way since it is an exploit.


I thought exploiting bugs was bannable…


It’s for the best.

Too little, too late. As always.

Guarantee you all the “Speed runners” did the same crap.


Actually people did use raid groups in dungeons which is why they specifically limited UBRS to 15 people. I remember raid groups doing the human side of Strath before the nerf to mobs and group side.

Well this raid xp thing wasn’t a “thing” in vanilla especially for a place like SM

Is that why everyone was only running 10-mans in SM? I was actually going to make a post asking why everyone was doing it this way. I don’t remember ever seeing that in the original game, but the past few days it’s been impossible to find a non “farm” instance group. I’m glad they shut it down. Too bad about the dopes that exploited it.

This didn’t “nerf causal players.” It nerfed kids who exploit bugs and want to rush to 60. Maybe us actual casual take-it-slow players can find real groups again!


I lol’d. God knows what else they haven’t fixed.

Honestly what were we expecting - back to private servers.


No thanks.