Blizzard is shutting down some TBC Classic servers. Would you be scared if this happened to retail one day?

I’m content in one super dead server for days I have bad days at work and want to isolate myself due to stress.

The dead server my orc is on, I don’t mind.

They would have to offer free transfers in my opinion if they were to shut down servers that characters are on, I can’t afford to move all my characters.

Draenor/Echo Isles was a medium server, before Shadowlands now it sunk to low pop server.

I would say my server would be one of the chosen if they choose to do so. It was to be expected.

Either that or the popularity had a very short shelf life. I feel like Classic is a good “tourist” experience but there’s a reason they started doing expansions… there’s only so much to do in Classic before there’s nothing to do.


You’ll have to forgive Clark…he’s so far up the bum of blizzard that he’s tasting last weeks breakfast. The only 100% pro blizzard dude i’ve ever seen…thinks the good decisions are amazing and the bad decisions are good.


The fact they are rolling all the BC servers over to Wrath is both amusing and annoying. The whole point of “Classic” servers is that people wanted to play their specific expansion.

Even if they simply merged and kept only a couple active, it would make more sense than simply booting everyone up to WotLK instead.

Can’t wait for the inevitable griping for Cata servers >.>

Good thing I stuck with Mankrik

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Since WoW only has 2 million players left and likely will never recover them, it’s probably time to consolidate about 100 realms+ into super servers.

Realm identity has been dead, as has guild culture and identity too. Community is bad as it is and really it won’t get any better or worse by merging servers.


i said it before and i will say it again. i been here since beta. and while i loved classic, bc. wotlk, even cata and mop.

in the earlier xpacs the game was new, fresh and so was our minds. the game today is no different than it was back then, other than some new systems and updated features.

the only difference between then and now is that most people are burnt out or just in general bored but the addiction and the time spend keeps them from quitting and all they can remember is how much fun they had before.

when i think back, i dont remember the game being better. i only remember having fun because everything was new. i am actually having more fun now because i am aware of this and i control my addiction, it does not control me.

Thing is I’d bet for every 10 classic players who played vanilla classic, at minimum 8 of them went on to TBCC and never played vanilla again. And the same thing is going to happen when wrath drops. It’s one of the things I kind of hate about classic, is that the overwhelming majority of everyone just jumps on the new one and forgets the old one even existed. If there was an expansion from back then that I preferred over newer ones (in all honesty I will send my TBCC toons to wrath and never look back myself) I’d be kind of ticked that there’s nothing “eternal” about the experience.

I logged into vanilla a few months out from TBCC and my entire guild was just, poof, gone. I uninstalled, didn’t like it much anyway. Now I’m leveling a paladin in TBCC, which is wretched masochism, but it’ll be good come wrath. Literally the only reason I’m doing it, if I was staying in TBCC I’d have rolled a warrior.

Even season of mastery is the opposite of permanent. Not telling anyone how to play but I can’t even wrap my brain around why anyone would want to play an MMO just to get progress wiped because seasons. I didn’t understand it in D3 and I most certainly do not understand it in a much more grueling game like vanilla classic.

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I hope they do this on retail.

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No, they merged and shut some down before. It is the natural state of a game that is over 15 years old. To be fair, it is sort of amazing that this game is still this popular given how old it is.

Server consolidation is only a plus. The mergers are probably the superior way to go if only because people can keep their names and in all other respects it’s the same server for both.

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Well, let’s be honest. TBC Classic Servers are fun, but they are not new content. Most people who play on them are hoping to relive the old days and they do, but that’s the rub. How long can they keep redoing 15 year old content over and over? It gets boring after a very short time. My friends and I were playing for quite a while on one of these servers, but we jumped back into retail, because there was more content.

I wouldn’t be surprised, actually.

I can guarantee you cata classic will not happen. Wrath is already a contentious enough expansion, but cata is seen by many to be where the game really took a turn for the worst. If they did a cata classic, I am willing to bet it would be drastically altered from the original expansion.

Hard disagree. My realms absolutely still have identity as do our guilds.

Connected Realms exist for a reason.

No it isn’t. Cata still had the old talent trees and actually had good content. People were just mad at the world revamp.

Cata Classic is where I would live forever.

I agree. Maybe because I was in a Heroic 25 man prog Guild.

I think Cata is poorly remembered because of the huge difficulty jump from Wrath which was a shock to a large chunk of WOW players used to faceroll Heroics and super easy puggable Normal Raids. That was one of the big reasons for the sub losses.

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I wish blizz would shut down the dead servers, let us transfer to what ever server we want in return. I’ve been wanting this since Cata. I even re rolled to a higher population server. Guess what. That server is also now dead. SO here I am stuck on 2 dead servers. I refuse to re roll 50 characters, or pay to move them. Keeping server’s populations relevant is NOT my job, it is the games job. CRZ DID NOT HELP! Stop putting Band-Aids over bullet wounds blizz.

Idk how you drew this conclusion from them shutting down a TBC server

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No it didnt (somewhat), it had the first major rework of the talent system. It also brought many class overhauls, some of which weren’t too well received and whose effects are still being felt to this day (holy power for paladins), introduced LFR (which 100% would never even be considered acceptable by the classic playerbase), revamped the old world which was very unpopular and still is to this day, and had fairly lacklust content to boot.

I’m not saying every single thing about cataclysm is bad, but it was definitely the expansion that marked the end of the classic era of world of warcraft and led into the era that ended with legion (which then led to where we are now in SL), due to how much about the game it changed. It is not a very popular expansion for a reason.