Blizzard is shutting down some TBC Classic servers. Would you be scared if this happened to retail one day?

Perma Vanilla Classic servers are CRZ’d. Unless, you’re on the RP-PvP and/or RP servers.

News to me if so. When did they gain that? I knew they had sharding which isn’t the same thing as CRZ but I haven’t touched classic Vanilla and quickly lost any nostalgia kick shortly after hitting 40.

Classic is a game that can be beaten. It has a definite ending.

There’s some charm to that. It’s like an old N64 game, you just boot it up and grind until the end.

Retail does not end and thus cannot be beaten. It lives and dies off of the “FOMO”.

Having played Classic, it was very much what I wanted it to be. A grand old time.

Soon as BC Classic Servers went LIVE.

That was at the beginning, during the Vanilla Classic hype.

I still play it and paid close attention to what they were doing.

Why they decided BC Servers should be consalidated over CRZ is beyond me. Perhaps, they have some secret numbers they’re not ready to share about how Wrath Classic may not pull in enough numbers to keep said servers, around?

The BC Servers are the old Vanilla Classic Servers. They got upgraded to BC. Blizz created a separate server, for perma Vanilla Classic. That explains why we were all guildless, on those servers, when they first started up.

Perhaps, Blizz is (also) preparing for a perma BC Server without the need for CRZ :woman_shrugging:

Not sure that has anything to do with the topic at hand.

There are a myriad of reasons why those two expansions will always be my favorites, and how those reasons all play together is what makes MoP and Wrath so enjoyable. The execution was there.

Having said that, I have zero desire to go back and play either in a Classic-style sandbox. Nostalgia can be a good thing but if you get trapped in it, it’ll kill ya. You never move forward. And since “winning” the game has already been done, it’s not like we could tread new ground. Going back isn’t going to magically repopulate my old guild, nor will it recreate for me the feeling I had of having those encounters for the first time.

MoP best expansion. Can’t change my mind. Art was beautiful, the raids were fun, rares/warbringers/SHA, best class play of all time. Challenge modes introduced (vastly superior to m+, resets on a dime and no repair cost). Being able to actually prioritize the stats we wanted on gear. Warforging.

The list goes on.

Fantastic all around.


No, I’m pretty much expecting it to happen to retail at some point. And they are giving free transfers to people who are moved.

There are some servers on Classic that are just popping. Completely alive with lots of players, but others that are dead. So it’s hard to gauge it’s popularity without any real numbers. Especially since people have moved around a lot in Classic already.

They effectively did do this when they merged servers years back. That’s all that would happen in the future, and WoW has quite a bit of space to contract.

But Mop classic or wrath is not even out yet?


It will someday. Count on it. Not today. Not next year. Not even a few years from now. But someday it will happen.

They don’t have sharding, they have layering. It’s basically a better version of sharding.

No need. That’s what Connected Realms already are: smart mergers that take a bunch of servers down to one, where you keep your old server name, while character and guild names aren’t affected.

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How does this prove anything? Literally all they are doing is merging dead realms into a few bigger realms to have a healthier population, something they should have done in retail YEARS ago, as retail has plenty of dead realms itself. This post reeks of an excuse to trash talk classic rather than actually discuss anything, and your framing seems entirely dishonest.

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hahahaha…but muh community crap.

Why no lfd. and for some hardcores even tbcc’s mega severs aren’t “classic enough”.

oh you play with 10K+ players on server, what do you know of community? I know I see more poeple

also some of those servers are so dead ironforge (others) haven’t had a log pull for a long time. they can’t even sustain raid nights to log numbers. not even gdkp. that should have at least 25 people having a log to pull. even earth fury has a faithful 35 alliance who generate log traffic lol.

Hopefully they will eventually just
a) get rid of servers in general or
b) condense all of the servers (especially for retail) into like 4 or 5. No more than 10. There is no reason nowadays to have so many servers. Especially with the player decline.

edit: reading this again real quick, probably a good idea to have just a few servers instead of none for the rpers and such


Not to them. It’s all a matter of perspective.

As for being scared if some dead retail servers were shut down, no.
I wouldn’t mind. I’ve been wondering what’s taking them so long to do this.

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if anyone ever took this to heart LMFAO

Yeeeess…the torrent of fear is just too much

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All TBC servers are moving to WotLK, and in WotLK you get unique titles for server first raid clears. I guess they don’t want people to transfer to dead servers to get server first titles and then transfer back? Surprising if that’s the reasoning.

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I think people are in denial how popular these classic servers were going to be.