Blizzard is not prepared

And yet you started this thread anyway. Fascinating.


You might try again. I couldn’t get in until about 30 minutes ago.

Maybe they were stress testing login?

WoD launch was really bad

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The point of a stress test is to punish the server as hard as possible to see where failure breakpoints and crash thresh holds are.

Honestly, complaining about not being able to log on during a stress test is silly. The whole point is overloading the server to see how much it can handle while over-capacity.


I can’t wait to go get stuck fighting a spider in the Arathi Highlands just to have everything crash and find myself dead once able to log in.

Good times. Good, good times.

(And if their doing a repeat of the opening of the Gates of AQ can’t wait to find myself on a boat stuck on some mountain.)


Except in the blue post and thread announcing today’s stress test (WoW Classic Stress Test on May 29), they acknowledged that the login and other problems encountered in the first stress test didn’t allow enough people in to test the stuff they wanted to stress test, like layering. Hence, today’s stress test was scheduled so that they could try to accomplish what they wanted in the first test.

Yet once again, the login and character creation issues occurred, keeping people out of the game itself, resulting in not enough people getting in to properly stress test the layering tech. In fact. for me and others, we didn’t even make it as far into the login/character creation process today as we did last time, so in that sense, it was even a step back not forwards. It was only after the two hour official stress test window that most people were able to finally get into the game.

But I suppose the good news is that they will need to schedule a new stress test in a week or so to finally get to where they wanted to be the first time around, and the second time around. Hopefully the third time will be the one that finally works and they can finally move past stress testing the login process and character creation/selection issues.

/moo :cow:

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There’s so many people trying to get into the stress tests… Im surprised. I expected lower turnout after the first stress test massacred the server. But this time I couldn’t even get in game for the first hour. I gave up.

Whats crazy is they are running these stress tests smack in the middle of the work week, and in the middle of a work DAY. Like, it would be even crazier if they tried this on the weekend when people were actually able to play.

Launch is going to be nuts man. The beta servers are still crashing hours later.

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Yeah I can see this happening. I will wait a week before I attempt to make one character on Classic. My friend is twisting my arm. Otherwise I would pay no nevermind & not regret it one bit. Cheers all.

Exactly. SO MANY PEOPLE want to try Classic. This is great for the game itself, but not for their servers.

I want Classic to be successful. That’s why I’m taking part in the stress test. I’m still afraid launch day is gonna be really bad though.

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Worrying about things you have no control over is a waste of time. Relax my dude. You’re stressing yourself out for no reason. Let the things you cannot control do their thing.

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I couldn’t even install the beta game without it continuously overwriting retail! IMO, Blizz isn’t prepared for anything anymore and the game is going down.

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This is perfect though. It will create the perfect vanilla experience by mimicking server problems of the past! Blizzard is 100% ready for classic launch. Also. You are in the wrong sub forums. Classic sub forums are that a way


this is why they are stress testing the servers.
they are finding the issues before launch.

Why can’t people understand the logic

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Bro that’s the Classic Experience. Terrible servers that barely worked. It’s working as intended. When they said “untouched Classic experience” that’s exactly what they meant. They bought old Servers from 2004 to run classic on to really give you that “it’s 2004 and I’m back in high school and this game is brand new I’m so excited” feeling.

Do you have any idea how many people were trying to log into the beta servers simultaneously during the stress tests? The server were going to fail. Blizzard just needed to know how badly.

Sounds like they absolutely are prepared for Classic. Don’t forget full 8 hour maintenance every single Tuesday for w/e


it’s a good sign in the sense it means a lot of people are interested

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Two days? Servers were crashing months after launch.


Oh look, there is another attack-Blizzard thread in General Discussion. How remarkable!

This person can’t think of anything real, so they are predicting that Blizzard WILL do a bad job in the FUTURE, and criticizing Blizzard for this imagined flaw.

Hell, that -WAS- the Classic experience. People cry about Tuesday maintenance now, but it wasn’t uncommon for the servers to be down and/or broken from patches :stuck_out_tongue: