Blizzard is afraid to kill off their major alliance characters

I know I know but seriously it’s time. People aren’t satisfied with alliance storytelling they want the holier thou alliance back just as horde doesn’t want to be cartoon bad guys anymore. Who would you purposefully Lorewise serves no purpose anymore and would delete them from the story. I would personally get rid of tyrande and malfurion at burning of teldrassil and have Jarod shadow song and maiev take leadership.


I’d buy that for a dollar.

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Honestly this would help grow illidan and help expand on other night elves tyrande and malfurion serve no purpose anymore.


I think most people would be okay with sacrificing the alliance leadership if it meant showing -not telling- that the alliance can defeat them horde without them.

you may not like the alliance demigod characters, but blizzard only writes the alliance winning battles thanks to them.


I think perhaps you mean wars. The Alliance has lost a lot of battles but somehow still comes up smelling like a rose in the end.


Is it though?

Every expansion that comes out, the game feels less and less “Warcraft” and I think villain batting and killing off Major characters, without adding in other characters is ruining this story.

Vol’jin didn’t need to die to introduce Talanji and make her an interesting character.


We lost Varian back in Legion. The reason no Alliance leader has died so far is because therr probably wasnt a worth while story to tell that had an Alliance death. Most likely though Khadgar is about to kick the bucket and Genn will probably die soon. He isnt exactly a spring chicken.

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Khadgar shouldn’t kick the bucket yet I disagree he and drekthar should stay and have a conversation like old war buddies

complains about Alliance leader favoritism

suggests killing off the two leaders that break off from the lawful stupid overdrive that plagues the faction

Tell me you main a MHP without telling me you main a MHP.


What do tyrande and malfurion serve right now. Really what purpose have they actually serve other then progressing other character plot forward.

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Malfurion is a giga chad, Tyrande is just a poorly written character that holds him back.

Tyrande was also made 10000 times worst in Shadowlands compared to her portrayal in BfA, which is quite impressive.

Saving Sylvanas just ruined too many characters. =/


Shifting the Alliance axis of power away from humans?
Maintaining night elf presence in Kalimdor?
Having a backbone?
Not being extreme chaotic (Maiev) or pacifist (Jarod)?

Of all the leaders to pick in the Alliance, you pick these two? Anduin and the Wrynns are literally the black holes that suck the depth out of the Alliance.


Killing Anduin would mean more Human focus because he doesn’t have an heir and that would become a driving focus of the Alliance narrative


Pretty much this. Shadowlands should just be called Sylvanaslands, all characters just basically existed to back up and push her story forward. They couldn’t have been more obvious about who they were writing the entire expansion about.


And a deep sigh of relief was breathed until we realized Anduin was even more of a spotlight hog


The issue with Alliance characters is not at all with the Night Elves. The thing about Tyrande and Malfurion is that they are a reprieve from the great human conglomerate that is the modern Alliance - Tyrande was largely the only one willing to say anything mean to perfect golden boy Anduin, and she was well within her rights to. Tyrande is a good foil for the story. Malfurion is arguable - he doesn’t have a lot of characterization outside being a Druid, but I don’t necessarily think that means he deserves death.

If you want characters in the Alliance to be killed, then look inwards to people who represent the old ways. Turalyon is a big contender, given all the contention around him being on the throne. Feels a lot like he’s a loose cannon that could snap and turn Stormwind into a police state at any time.

Or Genn, someone that a lot of people have expressed disdain for in the past. After BFA, Genn’s story arc is essentially over at this point. There’s not many places to take the character, so perhaps it’s time to let the man die. I know it’d be used as just another stepping stone for Anduin’s character, but I’d much more prefer it if they used it to build up Tess Greymane instead - I find her more intriguing as a potential faction leader.

Or hey, they just teased that Khadgar may be on his way out - why not sweep the board clean and kill the rest of the Alliance Expedition in whatever comes next? Turalyon, Alleria, Khadgar, Danath, and Kurdran - make the memorials in the Valley of Heroes actual memorials.

… what? Drek’Thar and Khadgar have no association with each other whatsoever. That would serve zero purpose. They aren’t “old war buddies” - as far as we know, they’re complete strangers with nothing in common other than they’re both old.

What more does Illidan need? If Illidan never showed up again, nothing would be lost. His arc is pretty much over too. Hell, he went through the whole of Legion and didn’t even speak to Tyrande and Malfurion in person ONCE - they might as well already be dead to him. Even if he wasn’t committed to jailing Sargeras for eternity, their deaths wouldn’t advance Illidan’s character in his current state.

This all really just reads like another thinly veiled request to kill off Tyrande and Malfurion, and not an actual request for faction parity.


Genn is also getting ridiculously old for a human without magic nonsense keeping him going (I guess we could argue the worgen curse qualifies), sometimes it feels like the writers forget he was about as old as Terenas.

Tess could pick up the torch… oh right the writers think she should stay pure because they’re boring


The Alliance’s present problems are not the result of them being too connected to their past. If anything it’s the result of the opposite.


The alliance being too connected to their past is why the human and dwarven kings left the night elves to rot in favor of a rampage in Arathor and Lordaeron


Night Elves aren’t going to benefit from screwing the EK Alliance.