Blizzard inconsistencies

why is it okay to expect people to be on every 3 1/2 hours to do a feast or every 2 hours to do a seige and not okay to expect people to be on every day to do daily content?

why is it okay for people who don’t like dungeons to get behind because there is rep in them but not okay for people who don’t like dailies to get behind because they don’t feel like doing them.

And here’s the second part to this. Should people who put in more time and play more be able to get more rep rewards. Should someone who is willing to do dungeons, dailies, pvp and world content be able to get more rep than someone who is only wanting to do dungeons or only wanting to PvP or only wanting to log in once a week? Most of the progression systems in this game are based on an return on investment - why should rep be any different.

I am not advocating changes to the current rep system, however, I would like to see more world quests as originally planned. The rational used to walk back that decision wasn’t sound.

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IDK why anyone cares about either tbh. I think that if players want to play, let them :woman_shrugging: It’s not like you’re going to stop people from gaming themselves to death, they can always do that by playing multiple games.


Well for starters they are done 1 time a week. They are on a cycling rotation, so people can get in and do it when they feel like it. This isn’t the same thing as WQ in anyway.

There is no rep in dungeons aside from 2 maybe 3 weekly dungeon quests from the main city. Theres also no getting behind because you can get gear from WQ, almost EVERY RARE, SUPER RARES, Dungeons, Mythic+s when they come out, Crafting, Raids when they come out.

TL;DR you are reaching, and this post is a failed attempt at farming outrage. Touch grass and not whatever crack you are smoking.


Theyre not just once a week.
The big reward is, but theyre still worth doing every time theyre up. Especially the feast as its the most reliable way to get rep.

I dont feel im behind on anything either way. Mainly because the rep doesnt hold anything important that i cant wait for.

Ive got a couple more months to get maxed out assuming a decent patch cycle. Im in no hurry.

You can, but it’s not asked of you, or even required, to continue to get rep. There are literally so many other things to do, there’s no need to be doing that off cooldown. That’s the point, and why it’s funny they are even saying it’s an issue.

no they aren’t - you get rep for every one you do

there is the 750 rep at least for each dungeon with the area quests and then the weeklies

I am not advocating for any changes btw, however, it is ridiculous to make a fuss about not logging in every day and worrying about getting behind when people are gaining a renown level every day from some of these events if not more.

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Because not everyone plays at the same time, the events are often enough to cover most schedules.

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it isn’t required to do dailies either to get rep… all these things are optional. So why try to eliminate the choices people have just because you don’t want to do ‘x’ content.

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Yes, you can do them every time they are up but again you don’t have to, it’s not mandatory and there are literally a billion other fun things you could be doing.

I’m not assuming you were advocating for changes in any way, but it would seem you’re not framing these things in the right way. The dungeon quests are 1 time completes. Then the weeklies kick in at max. there’s nothing for people to get behind on i guess is what I’m saying.

There is no torghast, there’s is no anima grind, no borrowed power. in DF you can play how you want and enjoy the game instead of it being a job.

Because the reason why most of us quit, and the game dropped below 1mill subs is this stopped being a game, and started being a daily job. It’s crazy how they stopped that, and now we are all back.

the argument is though if someone misses a day of dailies - they get ‘behind’ in rep. Yet each one of these events gives reps repeatedly so why is there no crying about missing rep if you can’t do all these events each day all day every day…

Let Blizzard bring dailies back but they only reward gold. No rep or anything tied to player power just hold rewards.


then they should also remove all the rewards from dungeon content except for gear…

People don’t have to do WQs either. It’s not required for anyone to do those everyday.


Ah so those who want to see dailies back actually want more than just dailies back. I have no problem with dailies, they just can’t be tied to player power.

I know that’s the point I’m making, hello? Are you a robot?


And that was also the point Marla was making that you are fighting against.


WQ don’t need to be and shouldn’t be daily. You are literally missing nothing.

I want consistency

Exactly the point. But topics are claiming that they are so that there shouldn’t be ones daily.

Which was why Blizz went back on making WQs daily.

Which was the major question of the thread.

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