Blizzard hasn't learned - fix soar and slimecat

Blizzard hasn’t learned

They sold us Dragonflight as the expansion where they’d learned a lesson from all the mistakes of Shadowlands and yet once again we’re looking at an Alpha filled with unpopular changes that every tester on the forums had expressed displeasure with and Blizzard isnt listening, isnt responding. 2 weeks of nonstop complaints about how terrible Soar is from every tester and not a word from Blizzard about it

Then you have 2 weeks of total uproar about Slime Cat. It blew up all over the forums, in the game, on youtube and twitter and Blizzard silently changes the wording around with a word to players.

Dragonriding was considered a slam dunk by testers and Blizzard decided to give it heavy input lag and called it “weight” which turned a slam dunk into something unresponsive and markedly less fun to use.

How can they seriously sit back and keep pretending they learned a lesson when theyre hitting us with the exact same trashy design philosophy that created the “Fun detected, fun nerfed” meme? How long can they keep coming up with bogus excuses like “efficiency advantages” and “realism” when all theyre doing is making systems slower and less appealing? How many more “exodus” moments does WoW have to have before they pull their heads out of the sand and stop trying to punish players for not adhering to Activisions “vision” for how the game should be played?


Basically yeah, they can keep saying they’re doing the feedback thing like they have the past few expansions, but until they actually start communicating then it’s just PR talk.


I just want to play how I want to play and not the way some corporate turd tells me I should for maximum profit.


In the grand scheme of things, if the things we are in uproar over are as trivial as a Racial for a race most of us already said we didn’t care to play, then is it really all that bad?

I say this as someone against the Soar nerf, and in favor of LFR slime cat.

There’s no AP grind.
No Covenant system.
Classes are getting feedback and adjustments.
Professions are being overhauled.
PVP gear has a better scaling system.
More things are becoming account wide.

I see youtube videos of Asmongold watching a 30second Soar comparison video and saying “This change has made me lose all hope. DF is going to be trash.” and the like.
Just spewing popular opinion.

But it literally doesn’t change the day to day game.


I think that instead of what is obviously looking like imput lag they should increase the rate of you dropping slightly when you make sharper turns and to bleed more speed from you. Keeps flight feeling snappy while also promoting weight.


Yeah maybe Hunters are lol, Druids have gotten 0 response.


“Its not that bad it doesn’t effect me”

“Its just Alpha theyll fix it later”

“Its just Beta theyll fix it later”

“Its just PTR theyll fix it later”

“Its just prepatch theyll fix it later”

“That went live? Why didnt people leave feedback?”


That’s not what was said or even implied in the post you quoted.


ITT: “Blizzard isn’t addressing the issues I care about. Blizzard is bad. Emoji Face.”



Every expansion it’s this same story over and over.
“Trust us bros, we hear you this time, honest”

Give me a break, they won’t change, somebody has to lose their job before anything changes, by now this is a fact.


The entire alpha is structured in a way that they’re tackling things in a staggered manner.
I’m sure they’re changing, or at least noting stuff for Druid. It would make 0 sense for that not to be the case.

Is that really your response? You made a 4 paragraph thread to initiate discussion, just to reply with uninspired, unoriginal forum copy pasta that the same 5 people seem to think is the most clever thing in the world?

It isn’t. And I’m disappointed.


I was very interested in picking up the incarnation talent until they made it eat/replace berserk. I feel like having Convoke would just be plain better

I’ve never liked realism in video games. When something becomes real especially when it comes to controls that usually translates to slow and clunky.

Like how some games when your character turns around, they have to pivot their feet and how it takes them a while to accelerate. Yea it’s accurate and realistic but it’s not fun to control


And you tried to downplay issues people are having with ‘if you are complaining about soar it sounds pretty good.’ Like so many other posters any time they address an issue.


It’s barely an issue in the Alpha forums. Have a look.


GD has been going hard with this pity party for <3’s lately. Facts be damned.


If you think I’m downplaying it, get over it, because to “downplay” it implies it’s a serious issue. It is not. 30% nerf to Soar isn’t as detrimental to the game as an AP grind, or if Covenants were continued. In fact, it isn’t detrimental at all, it’s just a slight let down.

You’re completely out of touch to reality if you think week 1 of DF launch these forums are filled with “Soar could be faster” threads. Nobody will give 2 damns. Including yourself.


Blizzard had a good opportunity to build some goodwill but failed when it comes to the slime cat. The single blue post and subsequent hot fix was a failure. It’d be fine for them to admit that it was unintended, but leave the achievement as it already was on live servers. That would be an easy win, but the devs couldn’t even do that much. The hot fix to limit the slime cat was the wrong decision. Throw players a bone sometimes to make them happy and build some much needed goodwill instead of making things worse. Once the achievement is on the live servers, it shouldn’t have been nerfed.


The issue you have isn’t real, grow up, it’s not serious. Btw I’m not downplaying by trying to make your issue smaller.

It is an issue of having fun, in a video game just like

Wasn’t fun, but AP grind is a SERIOUS problem and not a minor who really cares problem.

Also when you take someone’s post, pick out the weakest part you can find and pack them all together as a response, you are trying to downplay those issues.

Now you are making claims about what I will feel and do. My gosh you are a master mind, want to cite your source perhaps? The slime cat is still a hot topic despite season 4 hitting. People are still complaining about issues with classes that have been present since Shadowlands launch.


Don’t ask questions, just consume product and then get excited for next product.