Blizzard getting trolled into making itself less relevant

I know what this is; it’s a level 12 classic alt gaslighting someone.

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read the thread I am not the only one having problems identify OP’s point.

No, there’s no shortage of people who use the forums to denigrate others “within the rules.” Bad faith gonna bad faith.

the community council is just a bunch of people who give feedback. they’re not moderators or GMs. they have no power and cannot action anyone’s account.

The Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC ) was an American committee formed in 1985 with the stated goal of increasing parental control over the access of children to-

Hey, I’ve seen how this plays out before in the 80s when that guy from the Dead Kennedy’s had to debate this ideology of control on Oprah Winfrey of all things!

How do you get the yellow colored text to work?

You have to be on the Community Council in order to get that color text.

Certainly, that is understood (just players on this advisory council that was set up by and the people selected by Blizzard). They do, however, seem quite dedicated to the Blizzard line on the Social Contract.

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Another attempt to remove the Social Contract.

The Community Council had nothing to do with the Social Contract.

The Social Contract has two parts. The first one gives suggestions on how to play nice. A lot of it is on the loading screens that most players no longer see because their computers don’t run slow. The second part is a reminder of the EULA and Code of Conduct.

If you know it’s no different than the EULA and the In-Game Code of Conduct, why do you have a problem with the Social Contract?

Its pretty sad that I can not make a post on something I have observed in a game I have played for almost 20 years, without people assuming I am either covering for someone, have been actioned on myself, or am somehow trying to get around the social contract.

Try to read more then a twitter length paper sometime, consider what I said as what I said, and try to form an opinion without conflating everything outside the scope of what I have said.

Social contract is fine, and also has nothing to do with this post…

Thank you for your reply. What I know is that the terms in the Social Contract use different words than either the In-Game Code of Conduct or the EULA. What I cannot know until Blizzard will explain, is whether they intend those words to have different meanings. Have sent them tickets requesting they clarify the details of the differences or tell me that there is no change. They have refused to do either, while claiming to have responded to my inquiry.

GMs can’t explain a Development decision. You would be better asking @WarcraftDevs on Twitter.

it takes ~16,666.66 small streamers with 6 viewers each to reach the same amount of ppl asmon would in one shot :wink: not counting the spread/share rate afterwards.

no wonder they dont care about the small dudes it aint a charity lul

i know i’d rather hit more ppl while dealing with one dude than less ppl while dealing with 16k dudes. logical.

Actually, I got past the GM’s to a supervisor in customer service. His response was to say that he could not provide any details.

Go look in your group finder. Here is the TLDR, when Blizzard says they are going to stop the sellers and excessive advertisers, but 1/2 the raids are dummy accounts for the same 6 websites they can’t seem to stop, but what they shut down is a streamer with 50 viewers, 1/2 of them who are in a raid with them at that moment with the call-outs actually happening on twitch. When they wipe over 100 times on heroic Anduin before finally getting it, and that person is the one to get stopped, but the sellers remain. They have missed the mark on the intention. Clarifying their position on what is allowable for the people trying to play the game would only help the game and its popularity.

Can people make a point without invoking asmon? Like is that possible. I am neither defending nor opposing him. The topic actually has nothing to do with him.


This is a great take, thanks for sharing Bullzaye.

I was in the specific group this happened to. No reason whatsoever, and the leader has never done anything to warrant a ban or a limit on being able to do things in game since they started streaming. The only thing we could figure at the time was someone got upset they didn’t get an invite as we were full. Thing is, this ‘action’ popped up out of the blue from someone and no evidence as to the what, or why, was given at the time. Hopefully it’s been resolved as this particular community is good to interact with as a whole in game and while streaming, etc.

“Dave’s not here!”

Are you blind? The post is great, and perfectly formatted. Maybe you need to read the forum on a real pc.

Who wrote this op ? You copied this from somewhere else.

The comparing of Asmongold to any other WoW streamer is asinine. The majority of WoW streamers today play with viewers free of charge in an attempt to rebuild a dying game’s community by coaching and reinvigorating a love for playing with people who share the same goal: to enjoy WoW and become better at it. The report feature has been known to be abused by folks who were toxic to the community and not welcomed by streamers who encourage a positive environment in an attempt to derail and harass the streamer and those playing with them out of spite. Yet, website carriers like WOWGOLD are able to have multiple listings in LFG and have no action taken as they return day in and day out. The double standards being invoked here by the company is detrimental to the growth of the overall community and hurts those who simply want to spread their love of WoW beyond the boundaries of the game itself. I would hope we as a gaming society would be better than this.

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