Blizzard general chat needs to be removed

Wow I hope this is a troll… how is it possible to get this bent out of shape over a chat channel… people seriously need to stop being so soft.


I think you’re misunderstanding a crucial point.

Blizzard doesn’t actively police. They don’t have moderators who watch every word said in General. (They don’t have moderators who watch every word said in ANY chat channel.)

Blizzard responsively polices. When someone spams, uses inappropriate language, or otherwise violates the terms and conditions, and a second someone uses Right-Click Report, Blizzard looks at the reported line of text (absolute evidence) and makes a decision. If it is deemed fine by Blizzard nothing happens. If Blizzard decides it was inappropriate, the account history is checked and an action taken. (Actions can go from warnings to suspensions of increasing lengths.)

NOTE: While political nonsense can be annoying and played up for trollish reasons, it is not, in and of itself, listed as a violation. If that’s what upsets you in General, then yes, you individually need to simply /leave General.

Now, one other thing. When choosing to Right-Click Report inappropriate chat, I never NEVER say anything in chat about it. I don’t tell people they’re reported. I don’t scold people. They’ll never know I’m the one who reported them because I’m just one of hundreds of people who might have seen their comment.

ROFL!!! Fascist much there buddy???

So only YOU get to complain huh?

What a wack job you are… ANTIFA must be so proud!


This guy is just mad he never got told where Mankirks wife was


OP is big babby man


I agree with you to a point.
I hate it in Retail when people sell runs and what not in General Chat.

However in Vanilla people did spam General chat with LFG stuff to have a bigger coverage.

But i still not get your point here, i see both … General and LFG channels in my chat window … if people would only spam the LFG channels it would still spam my Chat Window …

Also if they remove Chat … how else can-one find a Dungeon Group then? … seems counter productive to me.

right click, report, move on.

It really is that simple.

No need to discuss it with anyone, no need to tell anyone you are doing so, no need to cause any ruckus, just right click, report, move along.

What I’m still trying to figure out based on the OP and some follow up comments by that person, is this…

what exactly in that mumbled up mess of a post, is your true issue? I’m guessing you are mad cause you ended up silenced, not the other way around?

I really can’t tell, you just rambled on and on, nothing real clear except anger.

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Nah, just right click report the toxic avengers in chat channels. They are temporarily muted from your perspective, which allows you to report them again in the future if it’s an ongoing problem.

If enough people report these clowns they will start to get chat silenced, which doubles for each successive offense.

Don’t listen to people trying to bully you in to leaving chat channels or making you feel like you are somehow at fault for being offended or the target of hostile players.

Right click report. Keep doing it and chat will get cleaned up.

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I quit reading…ignore or leave stop being a snowflake


I want Blizzard to add a global general chat so people will stop using the LFG channel for chitchat.

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Use RCR. Every person i see link thunder fury or do the old an@l spam gets RCR from me.

Use it properly and often. People will learn.

ur obnoxious. get over it chats are crucial to finding groups for quests dungeons etc. go back to retail where chats are dead if u wanna complain

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They have one already

If you want to get technical, You’re breaking forum rules for naming your thread. Should we just delete the forums while we’re at it?

" Using the words “Blizzard,” “Blue,” or any community team members’ names in a thread topic is frowned upon."

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General is local to the zone. I want a server-wide general chat channel.

This is a wall of text meant to be a paragraph-by-paragraph response to OP.

TL;DR - OP is a clown and should ignore players, leave general, or stop complaining about the Right-click report system because he doesn’t know what he wants.

You bring up the ‘rules’ but don’t give any examples that pushed you toward this suggestion. Is it racism? Crude jokes? Sexual deviancy? We don’t know what you’re seeing, but you tell us it’s horrid and it shouldn’t exist in WoW. You also immediately block your ears to the most common solution, instead of blocking your eyes to the offending material.

Sick first sentence. Also I really can’t understand what’s going on in this paragraph. It’s a jumbled mess of assumptions and false equivalencies that I choose not to follow.

Okay good, some examples. Maybe we’ll see a screenshot or something… Nope, just anecdotal evidence and assumptions of abuse of Right-click reporting. For what it’s worth, spamming LFG in general is literally the most tame use of general chat I’ve ever seen in 10 years. If blizzard take forever to get the RCR tickets, then how does the person who called them out for spamming LFG in general get banned first + before the spammer? (This is all assuming that everyone and their mother is right-click reporting each other til they’re blue in the face.)

“Eventually getting to people isn’t good enough”
This is an interesting bit considering that it seems like you’re not a fan of the right-click report feature. Let’s say that RCR tickets were reviewed and acted on immediately, like within 5 seconds. Doesn’t this open up more abuse of the system? You could get a full guild of people to spam report everyone they see in trade chat and wipe a whole server into a 2 week ban. Of course they need to take time to review the cases. If you want a more immediate solution, you could always igno…Oh wait, you don’t want to hear that.

You have 0 idea what their reporting system / ticketing system looks like. Why bother commenting on this?

This is a really bad idea. It’s a cat and mouse game, but the reason that Blizzard hasn’t gotten rid of it is likely because there aren’t as many problems with it as you percieve there to be. People spamming LFG in general is not a problem or a bannable offense, stop being a little kid about this. Removing chat also removes a direct line of communication between players, which 99.99(repeating of course)% of players will NOT enjoy.

It sounds like You don’t need general chat, so why don’t You leave, instead of making literally everyone else leave???

Stop being a clown.


“waaah someone said something offensive so let’s remove this for everyone…”

Just a hunch… op lives in california?

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They have one. It’s called world chat. There’s a world looking for group and then there’s just a straight-up world chat

But World is not an official channel and is player controlled.

Was the author of this thread suspended then? All of his post are hidden now. Might say something in /world about it.