Blizzard gear store update?

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So was the blizzard gear store updated? It looks kind of janky.

Edit ok guys original post was 2 weeks ago, you can stop telling me stuff like “so what”, “go here”, etc. Done that, did it. The thread is dead so stop.


Definitely a recent a update. Not sure exactly when. But I’m more concerned with the fact that it doesn’t seem to recognize my existing account. I can log into just fine, and I can log into these forums, but the gear store no longer let’s me log in with my existing account info. So now I’m wondering if we’re supposed to create new accounts on the gear store website? Or if this is just some weird transitional phase, and they’ll have it sorted out soon.


Yes, they’ve migrated/migrating to a new platform.


So does that mean we have to make new accounts on the new platform? Or will our old accounts be migrated over? Will our existing order history be accessible?


Not sure about order history, but yes, you need to make an account on the new platform.


Ok thank you!

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What about preorders that were tied to our old accounts not yet delivered? Are those records preserved?


They were working through the old orders.

There are two buttons, one pre- and one post move if you need to followup or contact about an order.


what about are blizzcon vert tickets. they normally connect to your blizzard account for early access to blizzcon items at the gear shop. Seeing how we need to make new accounts with this new service how will that work?


im also noticing alot of items that where on the blizz gear store that are now missing with the change over like for example lucio, mei status?


Lucio may just be out of stock and they haven’t fully transitioned it over yet. For Mei, since previous orders were placed with the old gear store, they may need to wait until those are delivered before additional orders can be made. I’m speculating, but that would be my guess.

I’m not entirely certain, Curves, we’ll see if we can get some clarification.


why break what was already working ? just leave the store as it was smh


and why cant I access the US store and keep getting transferred to this “International” store that lacks 50% of the items for sale on the US store

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What is the location of your account set?


You may be under the impression that things change because someone just gets bored and decides to shake things up. There are generally reasons for what we do, like the background stuff you don’t see, primarily things like shipping and distribution that aren’t necessarily working as they should be or could be.

Maybe because you don’t appear to be in the U.S.?


The original store worked flawlessly,
Whether or not I’m in the U.S is not the issue, the issue is the region selection option is removed, logging in is impossible as it keeps saying “Login Unsuccessful” and this international new store lists a bunch of Overwatch Towels (which I literally saw them on the US store months ago) as “newest arrivals”


I would argue that. You may not have experienced any issues but that is a far cry from “worked flawlessly”. Just because you don’t see the issues, doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

I would imagine because what is available and where they can ship is based on your location as well as the facility. There is a help page if you need additional assistance.


You’re not getting me, I can’t log in my account anymore.

The MASSIVE change in availability as you describe from this redesign/update or w/e this is nuts. It basically blocked out everyone that access the U.S store due to what? IP Tracking


If you mean with the Gear store, you wouldn’t have an account. It isn’t specifically tied to your account which is how you would have logged in before. You’ll need to create an account with that site.


Oh, What is the reasoning behind this redundancy ?

Now I need 2 accounts. one for games and now battle net gear store…