Blizzard forgot to unlock Benediction

What gives it’s been almost 2 months and it’s still locked ? Free Benediction already


They said that the servers for now are locked indefinitely. So there is no “forgot”.

Not to say Bene won’t be reopened at some point but they already said they don’t have plans to do that.

From the blue post: “this is going to continue to be a problem when new content releases as long as mega-realms exist. As a result, we’ve made the choice to effectively close US and EU mega-realms to new and additional incoming players indefinitely.”
[Classic] The unacceptable state of Classic servers - Community / WoW Community Council - World of Warcraft Forums (


Except for SoM characters.
So the play was to create on a SoM server, maybe level a bit( there’s a mega xp boost there) and then transfer that toon.

It’s locked to all but SoM, my dorf.

Its not locked? I just transferred my som toon there yesterday.

Correct. I’m still trying to not make that widespread knowledge personally because I don’t trust Blizzard to even read the forums enough to even notice the loophole but I know we have different takes on sharing that which is fine.

I get that.
But Blizzard had ample time to think this through before implementation. I’ve not tried it so not positive it actually works but would it be such a huge burden for one of them to address this directly?

It’s things like this that keep happening that chip away at any good will people still have for the game.

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You’re not wrong. I wish I could have said something on their blue thread about the SoM transfers again but obviously, they want no feedback there. :frowning:

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That way it’s possible someone would have seen and addressed it.
But they’d get a few constructive needles in the muhfreedumbs haystack.

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but i cant transfer my hunter even though i have 3 80s on bene :)))

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It doesn’t seem fair but right now that’s Blizzard’s decision.
I’m sorry. Honestly I am. If I were in that situation (lol which I sort of am) it would be frustrating.

I have 2 80s on Bene and can’t transfer my resto sham locking the server to new players is different from locking existing players from their own server.


Right. Explain to me how it makes sense that we can create new as well as boost new characters on benediction, but if I want to transfer one from another realm, that is off limits. It is incredibly inconsistent, and inconvenient, and is doing little to nothing on controlling population, because its not like me or anyone else going through this is going to quit the game or transfer off. This entire situation speaks volumes to blizzards ineptitude and “maintenance mode” mentality when it comes to the last couple of years of classic WoW. Truly a shame.


Seems fairly obvious to me as you said that wont make you quit but que times will so blizzard does everything possible to incentivizes the course of action that maintains the highest number of subs. You might not transfer off but some people will. I transferred one character with gold and boosted a toon on a new server while leaving my other established toon on locked server to keep my options open. So far I haven’t missed playing with friends at all its mostly a solo game. TLDR playing with friends is overrated anyway its a solo game.

its a solo game until doing anything worth while and fun is necessary, then you’ll change your tune. You may enjoy playing on a dead server, but that doesn’t go for all of us.

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Dunno what you consider worthwhile or fun but if I want to play a social game with friends we can meet up and play MTG or something. If i want to socialize online with online friends we play party games fps etc. The way people play MMOS not any real difference in pugging things in my experience it’s not a social game it’s a farming game and to make it punny my experience playing stardew valley is more social than wow.

Probably smart given the river of tears any kind of real announcement like this makes. Thats the nature of a gaming forum though people come to troll and complain not give back pats.

free benediction boys

Keep it locked. Unless you want the 8 hour wait times back

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Everyone complaining about queues. Now everyone complaining about realm being locked.

Lol. Comedy gold.


Transfers should be open on any realm that you have a toon on that is 70 or above. Blizzard is dumb as hell.

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