Blizzard forgot to unlock Benediction

forreal idk why they didn’t think this through. all the wrath tourists left until Ulduar / ICC atleast unlock it so people can get their toons until they come back

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I don’t think they forgot. It’s on purpose. LUL

Go ahead and unlock those mega realms, don’t wanna see any of ya’ll complaining or blaming blizzard when the wait times come back.

we havent had a q on bene in like 2-3 weeks bro

Queue times should be nonexistent. They have the money to make sure servers are beyond what is called for yet their greed stops them.

and keep it that way

locked for life sorry bro


I feel like accepting transfers is something they should put a stop to, or even boosting a toon on those servers, but I think they should at least allow fresh start characters to be made so people can at least join up and play with their friends. I have friends who want to come back, but can’t make a character on sulfuras with me, so haven’t.

I’ve considered transferring off somewhere just so we can play together, but the server isn’t that big and this shouldn’t be an issue.


I don’t disagree at all, but here we are none the less

No queues will be back harder for ulduar

That is the way I see it.

Naxx was jsut most with the 1 80 for most.

Ulduar will be the alt army as many polished a few 80’s by now I’d gather. I mean they cared to be farming Naxx day 1 lol. that motivation since then could make 3 80’s I am sure.

Yeah but when Ulduar falls over immediately to them whats next? ICC is by and large easier than Ulduar hardmodes.

I am happy to do my 1 night a week of classic (I have enough gold to handle repairs and 10 mans give me enough gold for consumes most weeks).

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