Blizzard, most of us have A LOT of fond memories growing up, playing your games. But recently, customer service is in the crapper. I don’t know about Overwatch, Starcraft, Diablo (outside Error 37), but know World of Warcraft has more bugs than Florida.

Every time a new expansion comes out, you guys completely abandon older content. Heck, even current content lacks appropriate consideration.

I can’t get other’s the I’m A Soul Man Achievement, that’s bugged as heck. The bosses health does NOT restore at the end of the Soul Phase. Now the Westerfall Story Karazhan is glitched. The bosses health gets stuck at 2/X0000 HP.

Do you guys WANT to stay in business? Can get please get off your duffs and fix old stuff so we can solo it without problems?


it’s amazing how you can take the time to rant and ramble about irrelevant stuff, but when it comes to the issues you want to report, your only descriptions are a very unhelpful:



Oh so you want me to scour the bugged section? Or do you want me to list what I’ve lasted multiple times? Which do you prefer, your highness?

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there’s a search feature you could use.

if you’ve already reported these mystery issues which you refuse to mention, it seems the point of this thread was just to shout at clouds.



Reading her original thread she mentions a couple specifics. I am not ganging up on you either. Just stating the fact that she covered a couple of the issues in her topic. Bottom line, I think we can all agree, some things never get fixed, some take forever, but eventually do and then there’s an extreme few get handled immediately.

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the only thing i can recall in the entire history of the game which has never been fixed, was the Shartuul event… and it got removed because they couldn’t fix it.

i went to check her post history to see if there was any better descriptions about these alleged bugs, and find that she’s claiming being unable to loot Ordos is a bug… when there’s no indication that the account is eligible.

so keep in mind, a lot of what is reported as bugs, is simply user error… or people not understanding how something is meant to work.


AGREED, well stated!
Players that are not 15 years old, don’t play 24/7, or have days off when Blizzard shuts the game down for the day, or have real life jobs, but need an escape like WoW, get treated differently and do not earn items or loot or mounts or whatever.
Examples, whats it been since Dreanor came out 6-7 years and FINALLY i got Zeezu in my garrison so i can earn the Savage and Mighty burnished essence recipes. I like to collect throughout the game. So today I can finally purchase them and I do and go to learn them and they are GARBAGE? Is this a sick joke to us slower, not hardcore raiding players? Not my fault YOU, Blizzard took 7 years to finally let me earn the recipes, and then you leave them in-game to spit in my face?
You did this so I could never get to Ordos as you took the cloak away while i was earning it.
You had different mounts in Legion or legendary followers in Legion, but if you play one toon, because Blizz will slight you if you don’t play 24/7 from your toon earning a specific mount. I got the pally and the mage, but YOU took the many things out of game because I have been a LOYAL 2-account player for 15 years and I deserve NOTHING, why you ask? 'Cuz i’m not 15 yrs old playing 24/7 while trying to earn real life money to pay my bills. Now I see why some friends have jumped ship to other games and companies.
I have submitted many of Blizzards own words and advice about what to do in real life and how to play in balance, but it turned out to be lip service and hypocrisy. Like, “Take Everything In Moderation” false unless it had stated, “Take everything in moderation and you will never earn mounts, gear, recipes, etc” is what it should have stated.
Thanks again! for listening, for deception, and not caring about us Friends of WoW that arent hardcore 24/7 raiders.

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there was nothing preventing you from doing this while the expansion was active.
players would list themselves in the group finder with the vendor they had in their garrison, and set the group to auto-invite.
regardless, i do not believe that the vendor didn’t make an appearance in 7 years.
If your only desire was to purchase them, you accomplished the goal and they’re now added to your collection.
It shouldn’t be shocking to you that they’re worthless after this many years.

uh… yeah, i’m totally sure this was the intention. :roll_eyes:
and if they’d been removed, would that be spitting in your face too? …or is that just a slap in the face?

you played a LOT during MoP.
i have problems believing that you were so pressed for time that you could manage a vast amount of trivial activities, yet couldn’t manage the questline required for the cloak.
Ordos is just a little bit of pocket-change, there’s no “need” to access him at this point in the game.

not quite sure what you’re talking about here.
which mounts are unavailable?

to be fair, i have no idea how you claim to be strapped for time, yet have hundreds of max level battlepets.

…but i hope the little rant made you feel a bit better.


Exactly! Some of us want to do old content because we couldn’t win rolls or whatever at getting mounts. Some of us flat out liked the old content more, I know I loved Wrath of the Lich King and it’s HORRIBLE that Invincible & Mimiron’s Head are 1%, farming those for 12+ years, and have not seen a single drop on 3 toons.

So once upon a time, before Chromie Time, I had a friend who would level via pet battles. And once we spent at least 3 hours in Dalaran trading pets. They’d trade my level 1 pet, for their level 25 of the same pet, and they’d level that pet again. I only have very few non-tradable pets capped in comparison. But I don’t know how popular of a tech that really is.

Thanks for dissecting his vent though, I was confused all the way.


quite a lot of the pets are soulbound, so this doesn’t seem likely.

your first kills were only 8 years ago.
i doubt you’ve been farming for 12.


Dude, are you ok?


if people want to come to the bug report forum to rant about being sad about drop rates, i’m going to play ball :slight_smile:


Fact of the matter Aristotle.

What facts bruh? All I see is “QnQ I’ve barely been farming for a mount drop, it should automatically be sent to me because I give up after going 0 for 100 on a 1% drop!” Unfortunately how often you farm does not better your chances.


Conglaturation! You can. Not read! You have skipped initial post! You have crapped out a sad post! Back to begin!

And when they do ‘fix’ things, they take the easy way out instead of fixing appropriately.
Ex: lv 2 garrison building plans from ashran/warspear (lv 20 quest rewards) were not useable until level 40, so they just changed the tooltip to read available at lv 40 instead of making them useable at lv 20.

Level 2 Garrison Plans not useable until level 40 - Support / Bug Report - World of Warcraft Forums (

That’s a big assumption. It is entirely possible they didn’t want them available until level 40. Maybe the “bug” they didn’t fix is allowing you to get the plans at level 20.

So then they should redo the levels you can acquire the next tiered garrison at. - Make getting lv 2 garrison available at 40 too. Which also would seem to be out of whack since at lv 48 you can leave draenor to go to shadowlands so would probably never build the lv 3 garrison.

Either way, garrisons the way they are now are not right.
And I’ll just add that before level squish… draenor started at 90. could build lv 2 garrison and get the level 2 garrison plans at 92 and then build the level 3 garrison with access to level 3 plans at lv 100.