Blizzard Finally Broke their Silence on the DF Crafting System

On the other end of the spectrum, you have Jewelcrafting which gets hard stuck because if it’s not Lariat (which, mind you, is a one percent drop off Primal Storm rares), nobody wants it full stop. The other items that cost a Spark of Ingenuity just flat out aren’t worth it, meaning if you don’t have that specific recipe you’re boned, and by the time you do get it nobody will want/need it because they’ve already gotten it made.

No amount of spec points will save JC, and Lariat is still going for about a million gold or more on many servers. The actual gem cuts are all green outside of Illimited Diamonds at 75+, but even then not as many people want them because they’re considered a separate category that Lariat won’t proc off of.

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What on gods green earth are you even rambling on about?

Legion was great yes, but it was great for many reasons, not just one. Just because it had the best variation of borrowed power does not mean its suddenly good, it was still bad. Warriors for example got shafted, our artifacts all sucked. I hated every single one of them. You are again speaking for your self, or a very small group/anecdotal evidence.

Because you should probably ask warriors what they thought of their order hall, a literal dungeon, or priests who just played second fiddle to pallies, or monks who literally jsut got a temple out in pandaria.

Legion was good, but it was by no means far superior to every aspect of the game, even if you exclude grind and random legendries, which legendries from legion alone played a major factor in the popularity of that expiation. I would wager that most people who have a very high standing for legion also got their optimal legendries early on, where people who have meh opinions on it usually ended up getting them mid to late exp.

As for DF once more, im not sure what the hell you are on about with “Rushed” expantion, we know for a fact that they cut SL short and shifted pretty much the majority of their development to DF past 9.1. DF is right now, one of the most polished of EXP they have put out in a while.

Talent trees are amazing, as they actually offer true builds for multiple activites and styles that are pretty well on par with each other, a few minor issues with some trees for specs.
The crafting system as it is, is honestly fine in terms of how you level it, learn, and craft. The only issue with it right out the gate is the order system and the BoP nature of items. But overall its fine, and im saying that as some one who is playing an eng which is probably one of the most gimped/annoying to level because if you dont dump points into a very specific specilization you get railroaded on getting skill points. Which i only found out about that at level 50, and guess what i just spend like 30 min and read what/how my talents work and what i should spec to if i wanna hit 100/100 its not hard.

Does it have issues? sure, but DF is far FAR from rushed.

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Eng suffers from teh same issue, if you dont spec down into explosives you basically get railroaded and its VERY hard to level.

Things like this they absolutely need to fix, getting skill points for prof past 50 is a royal pain in the butt since you can get soft locked and the only way you can level is via spark items.

At the same time though, if you do soft lock yourself…you are also the one to blame. because you could have taken the time to read where you get items to level and specialize accordingly, so, the blame here is not 100% blizzard if you did not read your specializations.

Also also, lets face it this is the first time JC has been even mildly relevant since legion.

In JC’s case, it’s not a matter of getting soft locked by not spending knowledge correctly. If you don’t have Elemental Lariat drop or buy it, you’re not getting anywhere. The only people putting up work orders for other soulbound JC gear are people who don’t know any better or alts sending personal/guild orders to a JC main to help them level.

Players should not be locked out of an entire profession by a 1% drop. If you don’t have a million gold or get lucky with rares, good luck getting very far with JC.


I find it very hard to belive that you did not have an option to level in such a way to continue to get skills up to 100 if you spec correctly is my point.

Eng was able to do it, granted you have to max out ez explosive or short fuse and were left to making a box of bombs a day.

If blizzard actually designed it so it is impossible to level to level 100 unless you make an item that is a 1% drop that is very stupid.

HOWEVER, I highly doubt that is actually the case here.

At 76/100 JC, I have the following skill up options:

  • Non-Illimited Diamond gems (green)
  • Illimited Diamond cuts (orange)
  • Soulbound gear that costs 1 Spark of Ingenuity (3 skill ups per craft)

The problem is the BoP gear is worthless compared to Lariat, and there’s not a demand for Illimited Diamonds because they don’t proc Lariat. It’s not impossible to level to 100 without it in the sense that you have zero alternatives, but it is impossible in the sense that nobody wants the other options.

Blizzard simply made the 1% drop too attractive and there’s not a market for anything else.

Ok my question then is this.

If you speced another way, would you have been able to level with out making that super hard item?

Why cant you just cut Illimited diamonds?

There is no demand for boxes of EZ throw bombs either but guess what? I made them, and vendored them because i wanted to level up and i could only make 1 box a day so i was stuck getting a skill point a day, is that the case with the diamond? It sounds like you have an option to level, you just don’t wanna use it because its not profitable.

I do wanna add though im on your side for making JCs more in demand, espcially with gems because we have not had any point to exist since legion. Im on team bring back items with 2 and 3 sockets baseline.

Yup, the whole thing was great. Glad we agree on that.

Ooof! That’s a hot take. Virtually all specs are pigeonholed into a single build that is often not user friendly and gimmicky.

That’s just patently false. If it wasn’t rushed then the people who worked on it just did a horrible job. I was trying to be positive, lol.

Thats just objectively wrong? You can play prot warrior for example, in multiple builds that are all equally viable. Do some specs perform better at a given task? yes but with in each spec there is leway.

Case and point using prot warriors as an example. In the SB build i have, i have a few extra points i can kinda spend where i like, optimized you put it down into aditional crit, i chose instead to put it into ravager for another AOE ability. My viability is unchanged. Thats just a small example. It was WAY worse with the talent row system where we were far more pigioned holed then ever, with some talent rows just having dead talents. Again using warrior becuase i played it so much. We had a talent called warmacine…you never took warmachine ever for any reason, now, you can get it if you have an extra point.

Ill admit warriors probably have one of the best talent trees IMO where others have a lot of dead end nodes like druids. Cant that be improved? yes, but is it miles better then what we had? absolutely. We objectively have more options now that are viable.

Tell you what. Let me ask this, what particular aspect of DF, right now, in the opening content patch of the game, do you feel is rushed?

Personally one aspect I do think was rushed, was the design of dracthyr. I think they rushed that out and it would have been a lot better. But what do you think was rushed?

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What? I don’t have lariat and I’ve been 100/100 JC for some time.

Again, no. I started DF under 200k gold and JC has put me into the multi millions.

Its not the system.

Fake news.

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I’m on a low pop server and I’ve been serving fierce diamonds on my alt every day via crafting orders. I think might be different server to server? I’ve definitely seen demand for them.

Same. I do fierce and skillfulls all the time.

How much money did you spend on mats? Some professions have to spend hundreds of thousands to max out depending on their server’s economy. It’s at the point where it simply ain’t worth it because they can never hope to recoup the immense costs from commissions alone.

Maybe around 20K but not on mats. I bought a zapthrottle early as I could. That was huge. It cost about 12k and then the best profession equipment available was the rest.
I farmed all the ore myself. Prospected all the serevite and drac for gems. Sold all khazgorite. It would have been 10s of thousands of ore.

You only spent 12k on the zapthrottle and you say you bought it early on? On my server they went for 100k the first week and didn’t go down below 80k until the end of the second. It wasn’t until after that point that they plummeted in price. And I play on a fairly popular server, it was probably even worse on less populated ones.

Even today higher end mats like Awakened Order go for well over a thousand gold, things like Azure/Chronoweave are five times that. This in turn drives up the price of things like enchants into the tens of thousands and forces crafters to charge exorbitant commissions to try and recoup the enormous amounts of gold they spent leveling their profession. I’ve played WoW since it launched and I have never before seen these kinds of prices, ever! You can’t tell me that is good design, regardless of whether or not it was intentional or due to sloppiness.

Yeah, I prospected out my first T2 diamond, sold it for 15k and used that gold to buy the zapthrottle. I’m pretty sure thats how it went anyway.

This man, JC can make bank, the only prof so far that i cant seem to make a lot of money on, is engineering, past that first week ifyou did not have the mote extractor you were really boned.

Only thing form ENG that seems to sell are rank 3 ammo items but they are a PAIN to garuntee that level.

On smaller server/factions there are not the orders that the blizzard post implied. There have been enchanting orders up for days for something that clearly no-one can craft and despite some moderate camping of the tailoring work order queue there was nothing there.

There are genuinely not many public work orders, and I am sure that the vast bulk of guild/private orders are from alts and friends helping crafter fulfill their weekly craft quest.


Its not because of population though. It’s because public w/o have no minimum quality settings. Nobody is gonna sacrifice a bunch of valuable items just to roll the dice on an inspiration proc.

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