Blizzard Finally Broke their Silence on the DF Crafting System

Honestly its a combo of both.

My issue with it is on high pop servers like mine, literally nothing is ever up on the orders at all and when they do they are snagged up in a second. You cant make reasonable money with the order system on high pop servers, you can sit there for hours and hours waiting for someone to put something up, only to have tips of like…50 gold.

Yeah. Fair enough.

If im at the bench, I check pubs and it takes all of 10 seconds to make 3 orders dissappear.

It’s the same on medium (and presumably low) pop servers as well. There’s nothing there, it’s not just a question of them being grabbed within seconds…

I’m honestly not clear on how Blizz thinks it’s working in any way that might resemble “well” but they can see the numbers so who knows. All I know is from my perspective as a player, there’s NOTHING there, ever.

Oh I will tell you right now. It’s because they’re counting the work orders that players send to themselves via alts which probably make up like 98% of all the orders that go through the system rn. The whole thing is a sham. It’s embarrassing at this point that they continue to be unwilling to even acknowledge that the system was a complete failure let alone say what they’re going to do to fix it.

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Personally i think the “Its working” stance is just blizz trying to save face, despite it very clearly having some major issues going on with it.

Truth be told i hate the crafting order system i think its stupid and needless.

If i could be blizzard for a day the way i would fix this is:

  • remove the BoP status from all grafted gear aside from clearly profession exclusive items (Engineer goggles)
  • Make it so you can only ever craft up to T3 items as BoE items, and adjust materials accordingly.
  • Have the Order system exist to commission professions to recraft items up to T4 and T5 items, with the obvious point that you can recraft your own gear up to T4 and T5

That way lots of prof could sell items a lot easier on the AH, and the order system would still exist with a purpose to upgrade items.


It’s mind boggling to me why this wasn’t the default. There was absolutely no reason for the entire work order interface, completely excessive and probably someone trying to justify their paycheck. If they wanted to make professions important all they had to do was allow them to make powerful BoE items that they could put on the AH and then worked something out for the upgrade process so that the items could remain viable throughout the expansion. The way it worked in SL with the legendary items was fine.

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So much about professions frustrating this expac.

Been trying to figure out what I can do to make gold besides raw herb / mining.

I was like ok, maybe inscription. Can only get skill 65-100 through non existent public crafting orders.

Alchemy, okay maybe potions. It costs just as much to make them as they sell for. Why are draconic vials 5g a pop? Phials are made at a LOSS.

So its like, unless you got lucky at the start how TF do you make gold via professions besides raw herb / mining? I spent all day herbing and got less than 100 of all the valuable herbs and 1000 hochenblume. Whoopee.

Profession Knowledge is too slow to earn. Dragon shards should offer 3-5. Quests should reset every 3-4 days, not weekly, or offer more.

I don’t want to sound cynical but it’s hard to think the logic they used didn’t boil down to: are they more likely to want to farm herbs 24/7 or drop $20 for a WoW token and get the same amount of money instantly.

I feel that, but even the token has plummeted where it doesn’t feel like its worth 20$. Its especially frustrating for me because right now I have to use in game gold for my subscription, at least in shadowlands I had callings to use an alt army for raw gold farming which I did to get enough gold to purchase dragonflight and game time, now I don’t even have that option anymore.

If I see the gold rolling in I turn into a goblin, I can farm herbs all day if its netting me gold but when herbing all day barely makes me 10-15k then WTF is the point of my time invested versus gold earned?

Let me tell you this much its bloody difficult to make money. im an engineer and you wanna know wahts more profitable for me right now? Going and mining saronite to sell

Right now the only thing i can make that is reliable money, is the engineering ammo, but only if it procs to rank 3, other wise, im selling at a loss.

Most of those issues are not problems with the prof, its a problem with the reginal AH, which I personally have been against since day 1 yet here we are.

Yeah, for sure. If draconic vials didn’t cost 5g a pop, potions and phials would at least be profitable, where as any other day besides tuesday you’re most likely crafting at a loss just because of the price of the vials.

Well the other problem with alchamy is right now idk if its a bug or what but you can phials right now and get rank 3 phials to last twice as long for the price of one rank 3 phial.

On the other hand though, yall have always been able to make money haha

Just a mess all over the place. I’m looking forward to legion timewalking because you can buy the crates of ores with badges to sell for gold.

In BFA I made bank herbing and selling darkmoon cards. I figured I could do similar with crafting boes but boy was I wrong, especially because I couldn’t play the first few weeks when all of that stuff sells like hot cakes.

I even said heck, let me do enchanting to disenchant gear I get from M+ / Raids I don’t need, at least crystals sell for a decent price… SIKE, you know have a chance to get the rare shards from disenchanting epics instead. Unreal. Give me back old raid golds so I can use an alt army to make some raw gold at least.

Indeed! This is where i’m stuck. Thanks for saying so!

I’m basically leveling JC one gem hoard at a time since there is nothing else I can do at the moment. Wish the specialization unlock level shuffle would roll out sooner.