Blizzard Customer Support is Missing in Action

I submitted a customer support ticket to regain the ability to get the Aurelid Lure each week which I SPENT A LONG TIME FARMING. Since I got it, every week I’ve announced in chat that I was going to summon it so others can get their achievement and a chance at the mount. What I got from customer support was an automated ticket response saying go to the web to find your answer.

This isn’t customer support. This is customer shuffling for better numbers as an action passed along is an action completed. This is why people no longer have faith that Blizzard can do anything right. Should have guessed based on Tuesday’s patch. performance…

Scroll down to the bottom, it should state to reopen your ticket if you need further assistance.

I guess i honestly don’t understand the underlying issue though, you got the lure and you can’t find a group? Or you don’t have the lure.


In this case I have to wonder if there is even anything a GM can do, but do make a bug report, so the development team gets information.

By kelthar on 2022/03/12 (Patch 9.2.0)

I just had it confirmed by a GM that it is a known bug and we are supposed to get a lure after each reset. They are looking into it and it will hopefully be resolved soon!

A Game Master resolved your ticket, and left the following response:

Hey there ----!

I am Game Master ***** and I hope you’re well today.
I’m sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you, we’re very busy at the moment and we’re trying to answer as fast as possible.

We have had reports of people not getting their second lure, its something that is currently being looked into, and hopefully will be fixed soon! Sadly though we can’t actually give out lures, because it could break if she gets fixed.

But we are aware of this and are working on it.

Best regards and have many great adventures!

If you continue to experience issues, you can reopen this ticket. If you have a new or separate issue, please submit a new ticket.

Make sure you complete our survey to let us know how we did.

Blizzard Support


Information about how something works is considered a game hint. You would be directed to places like Wowhead for that.

If it’s a bug you would need to file a bug report either in the Bug Report forum or in-game. GMs don’t fix bugs.

It is. Just because you didn’t like their answer doesn’t mean it isn’t customer support. It has absolutely nothing to do with shuffling for better numbers. It has to do with answering to the best of their ability about something not handled by a ticket.

Your second paragraph is just opinion and conjecture. Players have claimed those same things since Vanilla.


The issue is that I could get a fresh lure every week before this patch that I could use on the realm so other people who can’t get the lure can finish the achievement and possibly get mount since farming it for most is out of the question. She no longer gives the lure out to people every week to those who farmed it.

It’s funny because their advice on the forums was to find a guy like me who could share out the lure weekly. So I farmed the lure…

Just FYI, this post is a sign of Blizzard’s non-excellence. The account name is right but the character is wrong and I’m not a troll warrior.

Thanks for proving my point because in-game ticket said what I posted and they said to come here :slight_smile: and post. So really, are you going to claim they aren’t shuffling customers around?

As Ruffle stated, if it is a bug, then post in the Bug Report Forum. That way, the people who can fix it can see what your issue is. They do NOT come to this particular forum for bugs, and the stickied thread posted near the top tells you exactly what this forum is for.