Blizz... the lack of transparency is killin TBC

It doesn’t end. It may lead to cross-realm, combined realms, Warmode, etc. as we’ve seen in Retail, eventually.

In any case, perhaps we’re just misunderstanding each other, and somehow that comes out as disagreement.

Here’s my understanding of what is being said, and why I’m contributing my opinion to this thread (Perhaps I’m missing the point(s) being made by others, and/or vice-versa):

“I’m miserable, and I am digging my feet in the dirt, not budging and will not do anything to make my situation better.”

“You know, if actually like this game, you have options.”

“You’re a Blizzard shill.”

"OK. :slight_smile: "

I hope things get better for you.

You are welcome to keep your blinders on to the overall problem and just keep happily playing where you are, that is your right for sure. If only it could be that simple for everyone, but it comes at the cost of…integrity, I suppose. It just isn’t right. Joining the big dog faction on a megaserver is not the proper solution.

So those of us who can see the big picture and do not want to do things that put other players in a bad situation, we speak to be heard.


If you think that complaining that you are a victim, and won’t do anything to improve your situation is integrity, we definitely have different understandings of what that means :slightly_smiling_face:

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Except the side of things you aren’t seeing is how I am one of 100-200 alliance online against 2000 horde, and I pvp everyone I can find. And will probably continue to do so until it is 99% horde and completely over for everything else I like to do. At that point I’ll probably unsub. So there is no victim here, I’m angry. In contrast you have at least 70% of your server and growing. Absolutely no comparison, try again.

Posting for Blizzard’s attention is because they have the ability to easily fix this. But they remain idle. You see how players have “fixed” things.

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Because I rerolled a month ago.

If it was all about money then they would have brought back the TCG stuff, name changes, transfer accounts and have a 6 month plan for tbc players.

At this point they just dont care which is sad.

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They won’t because no news is better than bad news.

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I’ve seen your suggestion before. I do think they would fix some things and help some people. I haven’t said anything because it’s obvious you thought it out but it just seems too much like what made me lose interest in Retail.

I think we’re looking at it from a different perspective. Server communities are important to me for the Classic games. I like seeing the same people. I like randomly grouping with the same people. I like fighting the same people etc. I do not want it to be like everyone is just a nameless NPC unless they’re a guildie which is what Retail is like right now. I actually do care about guild communities etc a lot too, but server communities are what I want too.

I also explained my situation. If I thought putting my ally on Bendiction would make the game more fun for me it would be there right now. People have tried to get me over there. I’m pretty introspective and know what I want. Just being able to find a pug Gruul raid group at 9 am on a Monday like someone said with a bunch of strangers I will never talk to again is just not something I care about. I’d split my characters up, I’d feel bad ganking horde when they are vastly outnumbered, etc. So how is this solution a positive for me and how is this going to make me happy? So yes my options are bad for me, that’s all I’m saying. I haven’t found a really great option yet but I do have a plan so there’s that.


I think we are. I mean, I agree with most of what you’re saying in this post. I just feel like all the good things you mention are totally obtainable right now, though that’s definitely easier on some servers than on others.

And as you’ve pointed out, changes, such as removing character-server lock (or really any that might “solve the problem” of player agency with regards to where to play) would lead to less community, and more of a Retail-like feel.

I sure don’t want to see that. Especially considering that we can find and/or make our own positive situations, if we put in a little effort to do so.

Best of luck with your plan!

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lol right? I been reading his replies… it basically just always boils down to either transfer or reroll! lmao this guy is a clown. He’s part of the reason Blizz doesn’t do something to fix servers because people like him will keep on shelling out cash to transfer over and over again.


If something is worth the money, why wouldnt someone shell out the money? If I am going to get 5x the value by paying for a one time transfer then I would 100% pay for a transfer. If my guild dies there is no way in heck I am staying on my server. Would start looking for guilds on the largest PvE servers I can find…after a week or two of farming materials lol.

Integrity? Why would I care? Its a voluntary luxury good. Their required effort has no impact on the value of the product to me. Someone finds $100 on the ground versus someone who works 10 hours to have it doesn’t change its value to me.

Now does a company doing something increase or decrease the perceived value? Sure! but that is factored into the value calculation. If they had lied about the product that is completely different scenario since the purchase was made under false information. However if I made assumptions about something they never said or offered? That’s on me.

Is it because value for you is a sliding scale and rather than a fixed threshold? For me as long as it passes that threshold I am content, anything else is a bonus. Just doesn’t make sense to me to take a hard line on something with zero ties to its actual value to me as an individual.

Obviously other people have different values, and different appraisals of somethings value. Thats okay!

Any response at all, even a no, would be better than this ongoing silence.
We’ve heard about the reports, Blizzard is losing players across all games by 13% a year.
Situations like this are exactly why. If the company won’t even acknowledge all these people having a hard time, the only answer left is to walk away from them.

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I’m not convinced of this.

I would definitely prefer more communication from “teh blues”; but this playerbase, as a whole, has convincingly taught them something over the lifetime of WoW, as stated by a former blue:

Posting impassionately, they say you don’t care.
Posting nothing, they say you ignore.
Posting with passion, you incite trolls.
Posting fluff, you say nonsense.
Post with what facts you have, they whittle down with rationale.
There is no win.
There is only slow degradation.


Exactly this, unfortunately. Greedy company neglecting the cries of their customers, but the game is too good for people to completely unsub and quit. Stuck between a rock and a hard place and Blizzard has no problem exploiting that >:(


You’re killing TBC, we’re killing TBC, Blizzard killing TBC, kittens killing TBC, the whole dang world killing TBC.

More news coming soon.

How is it a player created issue when blizzard lets people all flood a single server with xfers? Then it ruins whatever balance or high population it had and then eventually people pick the next server and do it all over again.

Blizzard let’s the imbalance take place it’s people that are desperate for a population / horde/ally ratio fix imo.


this mootwo thing is so annoying. ur opinion is not wanted i wish u wuit wow. yr so negative always just coming on here with negativity like another postwr said

And it is.

If you don’t want to read my stuff then put me on ignore. I’m not going to stop posting what I want to post.


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