Blizz response to tokens

It’s a problem THEY created – first off, botting (first offense) gets you a one week suspension. They introduced boosts. They allowed DKs without needing a level 55. Like yeah we can’t see it because all gold sellers need to do is get a new account, boost a toon or get that sweet DK going

Keep in mind, they USED to have in game GMs that would monitor character behavior if someone was reported as a bot. There USED to be a job for this. It’s almost as if… there was a solution and almost like (I know this is gonna ruffle some feathers because daddy Blizzard is never wrong) Blizzard made a mistake and should rectify that mistake… but no. Instead we get a bluepost attempting to gaslight us into thinking the best answer, currently, is the token.

It was very much a winnable BATTLE though, one to at least keep on a leash until the changes above were made/implemented.

The token is a “hey we messed up and now everything is worse:) but we’re gonna monetize that since yall are down with spending money”

I get that some people enjoy the addition of the token, I do. But at the same time was it NEEDED? A week or two of dailies – there’s your faster flying/mount. It wasn’t. Blizzard giving up some of that stashed yacht wealth for some GMs was needed.


I mean? How many servers are there? Not THAT many… why didn’t they send a GM into the games and stand guard at the main areas they were farming? I’d also imagine they would have even more tools available to see the bots than the average gamer and yet the average gamer was posting screenshots, making tickets, writing letters, asking in forums, asking on Twitter literally knocking on the door at HQ with locations, names anything that could be used to catch them???


The people who still play Wrath deserve the abuse. Hell once DF is done I think im done with Blizzard entirely. Already canceled my D4 preorder.


The only one gaslighting here is you.


cool you posted exactly what I was talking about.

Gaslighting is a form of strength and authority. It should be respected and imitated. If you’re a fan of the game and of Blizzard, you should gaslight random complainers that will only be here for a few posts and leave. You (fanboys) on the other hand will stay here for thousands of posts to continue gaslighting random players for us.

Here’s how you solve the botting problem. Every time a character is created or gets reported, it gets put on to a “probably a bot” list and get tracked and their activity gets scrutinized by a team of GMs. When they start doing bot things, they get banned.

It’s that simple.

I’m a programmer, would be fun to write something like that server side. Hire me and I’ll do it myself!

Make it so that reported accounts get prioritized in this list as well, so that they get immediate attention.


longer than a week long “ban” as well :slight_smile:

Because the current system? bad. I was reported for botting and selling gold (apparently), I was leveling my (lvl 50) paladin along with mining. I had 1.2k MAYBE tops on that entire account, all from selling “old world” bars. I was suspended for a week :slight_smile: that’s not a deterrent for actual bots.

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BOOM! :exploding_head:

/insert mic drop meme


how’s it a mic drop if, hear me out, he’s literally proving my point? that blizzard used to have actual humans monitoring their game. actual humans commenting on the current state of the game, at that time (which wasn’t nearly as bad as the current), vs months long silence with two? big ban waves in a year.

NOT TO MENTION, account penalties were much harsher THEN than they are now. again. week long suspensions for botting currently vs account closures back then. along with the fact that now there are FREE DKs (one per account), and BOOSTS available. so. again. how’s it a mic drop?

try me more nerds, this is a hole the CURRENT blizzard team dug for themselves in an attempt to “fix” problems in game, which ultimately were caused by the CURRENT team.


OP hit a nerve lol. Silo’d teams dont help


Permanent ban of blizzard account for botting, permanent ban of blizzard account for buying gold, everything lost, all other accounts and games associated with account. Anyone receiving gold should from a player after buying gold should be banned for 2 weeks, including suspect purchases through ah. Put a chill on the whole thing…


You should discard your confirmation bias, and read those two blue posts again.

This all falls apart when you consider that other companies, even indies can do this much better than Blizzard seems to be able to do it… so what’s the explanation? Because its either they choose not to do it or they are incompetent.



Again, point out exactly where my point is disputed. Because the posts state that they have teams and resources dedicated to banning botters. that’s what I’m literally saying they had jobs for, which currently (seemingly) they don’t anymore.
Again. automated bans, already said it but I was HAND LEVELING a paladin with less than 1.5k total on the whole account. suspended for selling gold and botting. all because i sold on the AH? hm? Again. Week long “suspensions” when their automated system says “yep that’s a bot:)”

“hey so we aren’t going to put in additional resources to help with this, in fact it’s gonna stay the same, BUT we are going to get money out of it so here’s the token as ‘help’”

because, again, the best answer wasn’t to reinstate jobs that blizzard already axed or get rid of boosts/that ONE free DK per account right? that makes too much sense. especially since the wow token did nothing for bots (or RMT) in retail.

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the blue text gives him away.

fun fact about those blue posts: those were made amidst a legal dispute vs a bot creator if i’m not mistaken on the years

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Why does everyone obsess over buying a token for gold, but leave out the part that another player benefits with a month of game time not out of their pocket. Lots of players appreciate free games…

Hahahahahahahaha now we know why you are upset about the token lol. Doing rmt yourself . Funny I’ve never got banned and I use the ah all the time.