Blizz killing disc 9.1

what croc said everything you had in venth will still be there when you return if we do. who know maybe next tier we’ll all be necro or NF.

You’ll be able to ss+ Boon ever third shell. It’ll open up more use of radiance in between as well. Venthyr disc unfortunately falls way behind with current tunings. I’m the least bit happy about it but any competitive disc priest for raid would be damn near griefing them by it not swapping kyrian. You’re getting over double the value on your shell with boon as it currently stands in ptr

Isnt it 2nd in 9.1?

it is after you make it to renown 55 i think

I saw the writing on the wall post SS nerf and decided to go NF and play holy. I just can’t stand how tuning SS makes disc so weak in other ways. Sucks for all the ppl that actually liked Venthyr :frowning: esp with the cost of anima cosmetic items/sanctum upgrades

It was more the maths i was thinking about. SS 1.5 mins. boon 3 mins. 1 every 2.

I swapped to kyrian yesterday to start the renown grind and practice using it.

Or people who PvP as disc where mindgames is basically mandatory :slightly_frowning_face:

we actually might live in a world where we run the kyrain specific leggo and the CDR between both Mikanos with the extended soul binds and the leggo youll have it once every minute in the correct situations. either way grinding up the renown now and getting the conduits while its easy are big wins

This raid tier for me, i have enjoyed least since i started healing in Wrath, beating out the boringness of pws spam in WoD.

Having said that, running Kyrian last night on mythic council prog with no prior kyrian raid experience, was a blast. The added complexity plus the excess mana i had during the fight made me actually enjoy healing again.

This comment is kind of cliche because in a sense they are coding mandatory cov changes. If I want to have a raid spot in my guild I cannot just go whatever covenant I want I have to go what is best for raid. I haven’t played in a casual guild since legion and venthyr is about 50% of the spellpower compared to kyrian in 9.1.

If your guild forces you to do something that makes you unhappy I personally would say find another guild, or play a different spec perhaps, one that has Venthyr as the optimal cov in 9.1. And if having to change specs/covenants/regrind in general in order to gain power and optimize bothers you so, why exactly do you enjoy high end raiding? You can’t have it both ways, is all I’m saying.

Anyway. Things change, it’s an ongoing video game that is constantly being developed, by human beings who can’t create a perfect product oriented exactly to what our personal preferences are. Let alone the millions of others playing.

I’m taking it in stride, in the end Kyrian with 1.5 min SS and the other m+ build is actually a really fun play style so we can at least be happy about that.


I like the idea of another covenant besides Venthyr being viable but I don’t like the fact that min-maxers have to switch away from covenants. I really don’t want to redo all the covenant crap and I don’t really like the aesthetic of Kyrian. Also annoying that disc and holy have different covenants. I’m ready for 10.0.

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It is so poorly designed that in order to optimally play as a priest you have to sacrifice other specs’ strength with other covenants. Like Kyrian for shadow sounds boo boo. Fine for holy but NF holy in raid is delicious. Although NF disc is weak on shields…blah. This whole system was so poorly implemented for people that like playing all a classes specs.


This is my main concern, I dont want to play Kyrian for Disc and have my Shadow spec suffer for it.

Still considering going back to Venthyr for Disc/Shadow in 9.1, despite Kyrian being good for Disc


It was more that 2 weeks before expansion launch they went and overhauled a lot of the covenants so we ended up walking into the expansion with last minute picks and most people follow what the guides tell them.

Lmfao you’re an idiot.

Wow rude and troll much. This coming from the guy QQing about disc when hey look, it is still meta AF like most people with any hint of knowledge thought it would be.

Why is it always the late CE players who are the most douchy. Top world players don’t even have your attitude. Get over yourself.

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Let me know when they change disc into a tank!

Anyone that says covenant system is not mandatory to switch for BIS performance (aka, a 35% boost to spellpower) is an absolute idiot. Ya and disc was only in RWF because of barrier go ask Nickspriest. My point still stands, discipline is not nearly as fun as it used to be and it has nothing to do with how good it is in raid and everything to do with Blizzard devs doing the opposite of what the disc priest community has enjoyed about the spec. It doesn’t really matter, WoW production has come to a halt, bad devs are leaving, and the game probably won’t see content until months into 2022. Sitting here and arguing whether or not so covenants are a good system and if “DISC PRIEST IS FUN” and all of you idiots coming and saying oh look it was in RWF when my entire point has been that it is not fun is kind of a mute point now.

Agree if you’re talking about early legion disc. Disagree if you’re talking about any other form of Disc including 9.0 lmao.

At least now we have Boon + Evang M+ build which is very fun.

How is nerfing Spirit shell “the opposite of what the Disc priest community enjoyed about the spec?” Pretty much none of the old Disc players I know liked Spirit Shell. Like it’s an absolute minority that liked playing with it at all.

I agree their raid viability is tied to Barrier + their DPS. But it’s been like that for 3 expansions now.