Blizz killing disc 9.1

When I go to the PTR and test the 1.5min SS I can’t help but ask myself how the hell I’m supposed to have fun raiding in 9.1 as a long time discipline main. The bottom line is disc was gutted in BFA so much that SS is the only legitimate option in raid and man… it feels like complete crap to play for the first time in my 3 years of maining disc.

I will personally be looking into my options in 9.1 but the spec I have spent a long time enjoying feels for the first time unenjoyable. If these are the game design choices I have to look forward to than maybe Shadowlands isn’t for me, like so many others.


Try Kyrian, It’s not very good like Paladin but I heard people in ptr tested it with SS and Eva and It seems better than Venthry even in raid.

Boon will be on a 2 min cd with a new conduit. Doesnt exactly line up with a 1.5m ss at all. And the timers being generally on a 40s rotation… all around a bad idea for raid. Doubt kyrian will be used at all.

you should really check out focused will they put up a long 9.1 Disc TLDR and it dose look like were playing kyrian.

From what I understand you will only take the cd reduction soulbind for m+, along with the new Kyrian priest lego you have potential 1min Boons which is awesome dps and healing for disc in keys.

For raiding you take a different soulbind, and alternate between Boon and Shadowfiend for each 1.5 min SS/Evang ramp and it’s not too bad. Just a modified rotation different from the Mindgames one.

Edit: apparently there is some possible potential to use evang + Kyrian lego in raids if you can reduce the cd of Boon to 90s. We’ve only had limited testing so far, Disc won’t shine till we have time to work all these things out.

Not gonna lie, I maxed out my sanctum over the 9 months of 9.0. Not happy about the covenant changes, it is just bad game design and class tuning after maxing the venthyr sanctum with nothing to show for it now imho. But y’all are right looks like Kyrian is 100% the play. Just disappointed that Blizzard is so bad at their jobs that these kind of major changes are necessary. If the gameplay consists of long periods of downtime inbetween SS I will probably move to another game. Sad when I have convinced myself I could do a better job at class tuning than the Blizzard employees currently working on it. A sanctum grind made completely worthless. The most fun spec in the game turned into a 1.5m spirit shell bot. People working on this at Blizzard are all around bad at their job.


so SS is super over tuned right it should never have existed, the reason were swapping kyrian isnt because of tunings its more that the fight timers dont line up with SS or even a mini ramp + mind games it dose suck starting over but its really not that. i swapped yesterday and am back at renown 26.

Well my tea party rep is now useless, all the souls and anima I put into my sanctum will be gone. My full venthyr transmog set will be gone. My mission table and higher ranked venthyr companions will be gone. Soon I might be gone :frowning: this is a bad game if they don’t respect your time at all and don’t listen to the community on things like bringing spirit shell back. Incompetent people making decisions at Blizzard makes the game a practice in futility.


Just a friendly reminder that they are not coding involuntary covenant switches into the game. You don’t have to switch if you wanna keep your progress. :slight_smile:

There will 100% be Venthyr disc priests getting CE in 9.1. :slight_smile:

it kinda sucks loosing all this but i guess it depends on how much you valued them i do miss my portal from sinfall.

here’s some news were still playing SS in 9.1 the issue is its a really busted talent and problematic to healing in general and even after nerfing it 3 times Priests are still making it work.

Also on the topic of 1.5min ss bot, playing Kyrian and moving into a 1.5min ss/evang playstyle lets you have fuller use of mini ramps and use both charges of Radiance between SS, etc, so even though major skill timers are longer you at least get to do a little more between each.

Also personally I think Boon is a much more interactive and fun ability to use and makes Disc feel very powerful, especially in keys.

By making something voluntary doesn’t mean that it is good game design. This has obviously been a big issue with covenants in general throughout Shadowlands and the fact that things like transmogs are literally taken away when switching covenants is just another way for Blizzard to get you to waste time and effort. Shadowlands is a mess so far, I did really like CN but I basically have close to nothing other than a title and a CE achievement to show for a tier that has been out for the better half of a year now. Honestly a competent developer would have realized the problems with the covenant system or even Spirit Shell. But Blizzard employees aren’t what they used to be, somewhere along the line the WoW team lost the person with common sense.

They could add the most over powered ability to some other covenant and I would still be BFF with kyrian.

Do you. Believe!


So since I’m going to have to relearn my class for the second time in less than 9 months what would be the most effective way to use boon in raid right now? I plan on switching to Kyrian this Thursday after raid and really haven’t looked into how to maximize it at all. Thanks for the info and pointing me toward the focused will discord.

its never an issue, this youtube video should help you get your barring’s on our new rotation.


Kokushi is my fave disc content creator, smart and balanced. Not overly fanboy for WoW, he’s very critical actually.

He just made this video a few days ago, should answer all your questions.

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lol Hivemind. i stole this video from focused will

Thanks y’all.


I actually joined focused will after you mentioned it here haha I saw this video initially :joy::joy::joy:

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Also don’t forget that your progress with the specific covenants is largely kept intact if you switch, so I believe for example at the end of the last patch of the expac you wanted to switch back to Venthyr and keep all your things forever after that it should be possible.