Blizz, give us ray-traced reflections & dlss 2.0 in SL's

I recently saw that the Shadowlands beta had support for RT shadows but I wanna know if you guy’s are going to also give us options to turn on RT reflections.

Also it would be great if SL’s supported dlss 2.0, we could turn up the graphics settings and then just turn on dlss to negate the fps drop haha.

Edit - Looks like you can enable it manually now:

I’m really hoping to see them build on the ray-tracing functionality now that shadows are in place. We get a small glimpse into the future, and it’s an exciting one. It’ll probably take a few more years of hardware improvements and updates to finally see it become more than a niche novelty, though.

DLSS 2.0 would be an interesting addition. I’ve been blown away by the improvements it can yield. I’m not sure if Blizzard would want to offer an NVIDIA-only setting like that right now, though. Ray-tracing is currently done with DXR, which will be supported by AMD GPUs soon enough.

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DXR is actually supported by the 10 series the 5000 series and the 20 series, But only the 20 series have DEDICATED hardware to do it, this is seen by the neon noir benchmark

What really needs to happen for ray tracing to take off is a $300 GPU that can do it competently.

I know that older NVIDIA GPUs support it already, but without hardware acceleration. I know that AMD plans to support DXR in some existing cards in the same manner, but I don’t believe any AMD drivers officially support DXR yet, unless I’ve missed some news?