Bliz taking waterwalking away from strikers

Now you see it, now go tell other shill that dont understand the issue and just chime in with “you’re entitled, its the same” comment.

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Actually, I go to college, but nice try thinking that! Also was easily able to do so with two part time jobs AND college.

5 hours over the span of a week. If you can’t do that for a rep grind, compared to months upon months for most? You shouldn’t be playing in this game. Getting a mount like that, as compared to many many others that take waaaay more time isn’t an achievement. I know you want participation trophies, but that’s not how things work.

Life isn’t going to be handed to you on a silver platter, you have to put the work in. Simple. :slight_smile:

Also, if you’re going to make yourself look bad with insults? Use proper grammar at least. *you’re. :roll_eyes: Also try not to use run-on sentences, it doesn’t make you look very adult like you’re “trying” to convey.

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And here we are. “people that disagree with me are shills”.

I dont have time to respond to you Akston, you’re a well known Blizzard shill.


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They also state that the system will not unlock for a character until level 100.

How does a toon lvl 20-99 use the item if they do not have access to the system?

Yet I have said nothing to support Blizzard.

I am sorry you need a safe space.

I find it amazing how the word “shill” is used so freely by people that can’t stand their opinions being challenged.

No hostility intended, real question.
With the new equipment slots coming out, are they leaving the barding/blacksmith shoes/water walking potions* in? [I imagine the potion would stay, but would it still function while mounted?]

As of right now, I have no reason to believe the buff consumable items are being removed. Next week we will have more information, obviously.

But as of now, it has not been stated they are going away.

‘entering 8.2 with flying’ isn’t accurate

you must have done the 30-40 hour pathinder part 1, AND you have to do the new rep grinds for pathfinder part 2, another 10-15 hours

Oh no we have to put the work in if we want to get something in the game, whatever will we do?!

I mean, if extreme accuracy is what you are after then this entire thread would not exist. Your entire opening post is not accurate.

oh boy… remember the outrage when i dared to suggest that people do this to unlock the CoT portal?

Thanks. I hadn’t seen anything, but I wasn’t sure if I’d missed anything in all the bickering.

buddy every single reward should be rewarded for ‘compelling fun gameplay’

not from tedium, nobody is paying to have a dev bore them to death

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See, having to unlock portals would be fine if it was account bound. Like the kara ring (it being a toy), or the Timeless trinket. Then it would be perfectly fine, but as of now there is no way to do that, or it’s per character.

I believe this mount equipment is BoA, hence why I’m not all too concerned. (AKA you can get it and send it to alts on your exalted toon)

Cool, well looks like you won’t get pathfinder then. :woman_shrugging:

Because it was mentioned earlier. The prices.

Per WoWhead article

Judgehype announced that Blizzard thinks the price should be 1,000 gold

It applies to your mount on whatever character you use it. Also if you have the rep to buy a water strider, you have the rep to buy as many of the items as you want.

For those at exalted, though? …I can see the outrage if so, oof. I thought it’d just be one gold…

Well, a character under level 90 won’t have the rep to get the water strider mount anyway. Any character that has the Angler’s rep to buy the mount can also buy the item and send it to lower level alts.

So, yeah, that’s also a bit disappointing that instead of being able to give water walking to alts at level 90, it’s delayed until at least one character is level 100 regardless of rep.