Bliz taking waterwalking away from strikers

Applying it to a mount is accountwide. If you apply it on your character “Fallynn”, any of your alts will also benefit from it.

No you dont get it.
Lets say waterwalking equip cost 10000g

If you have waterstrider, you get 1 waterwalking equip for free.
If you somehow change your equip (your waterwalking equip is gone here)

You have to buy it again from angler vendor, at a price (say 5000g instead of 10000g), not free, and only on that toon with rep.

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What I’ve seen today only tells me these boards should be abandoned and completely ignored by Blizzard. Thankfully they mostly do ignore them.

If the forums were behind the decision making in this game, it wouldn’t even be a game in a matter of weeks.

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I thought it was per character? Man now I’m becoming even more confused :stuck_out_tongue: First someone says per mount per character (only that mount on that character). Then they say ALL mounts on ONE character. Now it’s a single mount but for all toons? I don’t get it. Regardless, I think the complaining is a bit much, considering the strider itself is incredibly easy to get.

From what I understand the “mount equipment slot” is account wide. Whatever you equip there works on all characters.

The system itself for accessing/changing the slot is not available until level 100. So for a toon in the 20-100 range (that can’t do anything with the slot), whatever another toon selects works for them. Since the equipment slot itself is account wide.

And all mounts use the same equipment slot. From what I understand.

When was this confirmed anywhere, pricing or all? How do you know that the equipment itself won’t be account bound and cheap on that one character? Why would it be offered on the character with the rep then if you’d already get one for free, and not have it be account bound? That makes no sense .-.

WOWhead, people that attended summit confirmed this, Sloot stream.

Oh, that really sucks in my opinion. I’d way rather have the ability to apply the equipment per mount, personally.

Can you link it here?

The thing is, no one is asking for the water striders to retain their water walking AND benefit from the other two equipment pieces.

If the mount was left with water walking but was excluded from the equipment, player choice, with consequences, remains;
A] Use the water walking mount with the risk of being completely dismounted
B] Accept the slow swimming speed as the price for not being dazed

Source? This blue post says, “…there will be one available via Anglers reputation that will be bind-on-account), and it’ll work exactly as before, with the benefit of making all of that character’s mounts walk on water.”

That suggests that the item is BoA but must be used on each character separately to get the effect. In other words, a high level character with Anglers rep can buy it and send it to low level alts.

^^ It’s this.

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Watch sloot stream yourself.

nvm they wrote this on wowhead

T&E that if you have a Water Strider on 8.2’s launch, you will get a free [Inflatable Mount Shoots] item which lets all your mounts walk on water. In addition, if you head to the vendor where you bought a Water Strider, you’ll be able to buy more of this item for a greatly reduced price as an advantage for those who already have the Water Strider.

Player choice still remains. Everyone on a water strider mount, though, won’t.

People want to have their cake and eat it too. They want the best of both worlds.

They want an on demand daze immunity mount. And an on demand water walking mount.

Now you have a choice with consequences. You can have an on demand water walking mount, or an on demand daze immune mount.

You aren’t arguing for choice with consequences. You are arguing to have everything available to switch between, fluidly. So you always have the optimal choice for the situation.

No, when you make a claim, you source it to back it up. You don’t tell people to go do it themselves, because you have the burden of proof.

Now, I’ll look at what you said. So… what’s the issue? You can buy more. What would be the point of buying more if it’s not account bound? and if you buy it on that toon with the reputation, you get that reduced price. I’m 100% not seeing the issue here, and I have the strider.

The issue is people saying its exactly the same, its not, you have to pay everytime you need your strider to walk on water if you change your equipment.

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Is equipment destroyed upon replacing it? I can see the issue then for a lot of alts, in that case, though I personally don’t care myself.


It act like a gem that affect all of your mount.

Grow up kid. Some of us have a life and 5 hours can me a lot for some maybe not you but grow up and act like an adult, but I can tell your just a kid.

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I see. Well, a solution for that would be to just keep it as waterwalking, but it defeats the purpose of having an equipment variety.

This could be solved, in my opinion, if it was per mount. I wish it was, personally, because then you could have a glider mount, a water walking mount, and whatever else.

What I am saying is you lose nothing.

If water walking is the most important thing to you, then you will have it. And you will have it while leveling.

We are entering 8.2 with flying. The new zones have flying. There won’t be a need for daze immunity on your BFA toons. If for some reason you still need it on your BFA toon here and there, spend the 50 gold and get a 2 hour buff barding from a leatherworker.