Bliz taking waterwalking away from strikers

similar to flying, they are adding some big grind in front of the waterwalking unlock

anyone who got a strider for waterwalking are screwed, will lose that benefit, and has to join the universal grind to unlock waterwalking equipment that will work for all mounts

bliz just loves taking things away these days, like its gonna turn the sub losses around or increase time /played for more sub months and micros

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You people will cry about everything. Get real. :popcorn:


What are you even talking about.

Stop pushing misinformation.

None of this is happening.

  • The Water Strider is losing it’s passive water walking ability so that it can use Mount Equipment. (Many players would prefer if their Water Strider was left untouched instead)
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Guess what. If you have the water strider mount, you get the water walking mount gear for free.

And it applies to every mount you own.


Those of us with a

Also. And this might sound crazy. But. It takes practically no time to “grind” for this thing. 5 hours. 10 alts. Timewalking, MoP. 5k badges, 500 per alt run, first dungeon. BoA rep tokens. Buy the rep tokens, boom, exalted. There, new mount, not hard, not an “achievement” at all. That’s how I got mine. :slight_smile:

By no means am I in favor of the way this is being implemented, but let’s stick to the fact. So far, there’s been no mention of additional grind. If you have a water strider already, you’ll get one of the water walking items for free and can buy more at a discount. If you don’t have the water strider already, well, then you don’t have the water strider and would have to grind the rep to get it anyway.

Anyone who got a strider for waterwalking will be MAILED A BOUND TO ACCOUNT waterwalking equipment.

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5 hours is a redonk amount of time buddy

you’re world, where 5 hours of sheer tedious boredom is worth a trivial game upgrade, is not the standard

Add * please.

*For one use.

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There is no grind. You get the water walking equipment for free the day the mount gets nerfed. What are you even talking about?

Sorry mate, these haters are past reasonable common sense. You did your part.


Proofread your title.

This. This quote right here. It wins for being the most pathetic thing I’ve seen today, big congrats.

  • If you have the Water Strider mount, you receive the water walking mount equipment for free in the mail on patch day.

I don’t know how to spell it out any more clear.

Didn’t they say you can get it from the Anglers themselves…? Like, for more than one character? Boom, problem solved.

You can, at a discount, only on the toon you got the reputation from.

Another boom?


You’re right. All hope is lost when someone complains about FIVE HOURS being put into a rep grind. Five hours, having a week to do it, too. Hah. HAH… HAHAHA

If you already have the reputation (and hence the mount), the discount is 100% off. As you get it for free.

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Is it not account bound? :thinking: