Blind accessability, regular flying in the isles

Hi all

So I woke today to the news that regular flying is coming to the isles in 10.2.
This is brilliant due to the fact that dragon riding is inaccessible to a portion of the community for a variety of reasons.
What I didn’t like was the requirements for accessing regular flying, they are excessive and in my opinion were added with the assumption that everyone will and can use dragon riding to obtain them. It also seems excessive compared to how easily you gain access to dragon riding.
I do not want dragon riding removed, I have many friends that love it. I just want a accessable alternative that parallels dragon riding that doesn’t require a grind to access.

What I propose is that the requirements for accessing regular flying are lowered. I think they should be reaching level 70 and completing the campaign quest up to, but not including, caverns.
The reason I don’t include caverns is the fact that it’s a nightmare to navigate in there without flying.