Blessing of sanctuary bug: Crystal of Zin-Malor and Skull of impending doom's physical damage isnt reduced by Blessing of sanctuary

BUG: Skull of impending doom and Crystal of Zin-Malor’s physical damage is still not being affected by Blessing of Sanctuary.
Yet ‘blessing of protection and sacrifice’ works on it… I cant understand that Blizzard.

Character: Exodiamaster
Realm: Yojamba which is meant to reduce damage from ALL sources by up to 24 damage which was tested to reduce my damage by 10-11 from 25 damage mob hits however this number could vary if the number changes.

However I dont see any reduction on Crystal of Zin-Malor or skull of impending doom. It reduced my damage by 0 and I reapplied the buff over and over. Did nothing. Still 0.

A comment below stating physical damage

0 mckaysalisbury [on 2006/10/15] (Patch 1.12.1) Subject: “Amount of Damage Per Second?”
Comment: When I equipped it (just once), it dealt 461 physical damage, and drained 309 mana during each of the three ticks (1/2 second each?) I had it on.

Remember the part where it says ‘ALL SOURCES’ blizz?

Kind of misleading huh?


Can we fiz this blizzard

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People need to learn how to comprehend what the tooltip says.

Places a Blessing on the friendly target, reducing damage dealt from all sources by up to 24 for 5 minutes.

Does not mean that it WILL reduced at all times the flat 24. it will reduce UP TO. so if it reduces by 24 damage…that’s good…if it reduces by 0…that is not as good…but it is still UP TO the 24 that it reduces by. If it was reducing by 500…that would be a bug/issue…if it was reducing by -500 (dealing damage) technically that would still be the UP TO reduction but could potentially be a bug…

I know that it wont reduce the damage by 24 100% of the time. It says UP TO.

But the bug is its not reducing the crystal by ANY DAMAGE. Not even 1 damage.

Blessing of sanctuarys damage reduction is fine but the problem is its not affecting the crystal even if I spam it 1000000 times.

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Could you please fix this issue blizzard?


Thanks for supporting me friend

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Needs fixing

Blizzard this still hasnt been fixed.

The blessing isnt reducing the crystals damage

Blessing of sactuary says all sources

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Still not fixed :frowning:

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Please fix this too along with the mana drain issue thanks blizzard

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Can we merge them into one for both fixes?