<Blame it on Lag> 15 Year Raiding Guild recruiting for Season 4 and The War Within: (7/9M S3)

Hi Sargeras! Founded and raiding since 2009, Blame It on Lag on Sargeras is a weekend raiding guild always looking for dedicated raiders with previous Mythic experience (not just the kill) Dragonflight Season 4 and The War Within!

RAID TIMES (Central Time) Saturday 7pm-11pm, Sunday 7pm-10pm (Grouping is at 6:45 PM both days)

This expansion we were 6/8M in VOTI, 7/9M in Aberrus, and 7/9M in Amirdrassil. In SL we were 4/11M SFO, 5/10M SOD, 8/10M CN; and in BFA we were 11/12M Ny’alotha, 5/8M EP and 7/9M BoD. If interested in focusing on downing bosses together long term in a progressive non toxic atmosphere, you may have found your home and beyond!

High Needs:
TANK: Main tank role
RANGED: Shadow/Disc Priest, Warlock, or any other good ranged DPS.
MELEE: WW Monk, Enh. Sham, Death Knight or DPS Warrior.
HEALS: MW Monk, Disc Priest, or Holy Pally.

Medium Needs:
Raider with Raid Leader experience.
Exceptional Raiders always welcome to apply.

We also consider all strong players of any role that want to down bosses for the entire tier! We also accept applications for more casual Mythic Fill-in role, and AOTC raiders are also welcome to join us.

Here are a couple highlight videos from Dragonflight Mythic raiding to get a feel of how our raids run:
Aberrus, Zskarn (first kill): https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1942718387
VOTI, Terros: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1733156155

Our Mythic+ Dungeon community currently pushes keys most nights of the week. Logs and parses for relevant characters help us a lot. We also have more casual players that enjoy heroic raids, Mythic fill-ins, and some who just enjoy being in a supportive environment. We are all adults, and keep a “Drama free or /gquit” rule. We just want to chill, be ourselves, and have fun downing bosses together. You can apply via our wowaudit site link below. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our guild master or recruitment officer with your character’s information:


Guild Master Tariya: Discord - tariya
Recruitment Officer Kabo: Discord - kabobness

Happy Raiding!

Looking for a few more dedicated peeps

Looking for great players!

Updated for needs and bosses!

Updated with our current needs!

One more week open for mythic trials so get in on it and give us a poke!

Looking for great players for Season 4

Psst, we got the good cookies. Looking for a few more ranged and a decent tank/dps

Updated with our current needs!

Updated with our current needs

Updated with our current progress!

Looking for a good single Target healer and if you arranged to round out the group and take us into the expansion for prog!

Updated with current progress!

updated with current progress thingies

Updated with current needs.

Come on folks still looking to fill spots. If you a healer with M+ Exp please apply we don’t bite :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Happy Holiday folks :slight_smile: We still here and looking for more sexy people :slight_smile:

We would love a Holy Paladin or a Mistweaver Monk anyone out there :slight_smile:

Looking for 2 more prog raiders and a few fill ins to round out the team. Those interested in raiding in the expansion feel free to apply as well!

Updated with current needs!