[Black Omen][Horde][Area52] Semi-Hardcore Progression

Black Omen is a Semi-Hardcore progression guild seeking members for raiding and all facets of PVE and PVP. If you seek a friendly environment with a well-established guild of social and helpful people, look no further.

We’re it.

Founded in 2005, Black Omen was one of the oldest and most prestigious guilds on the Shadow Council server, having achieved a variety of milestones in PVP and raiding and boasting the server’s first High Warlord and a 90% guild achievement rate. Most of our members have been playing World of Warcraft since Vanilla or early Xpacs. We moved to Area 52 to expand our base and grow our community…

–What We Do–

We are looking for a few more competent raiders to form core raiding teams. Raid nights are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30 - 10:30 server. We are 6/12 H. We are primarily interested in HEALERS and DPS classes at this time but are open to all classes and specs.

PvE (Mythics, Expeditions):
We are regularly running keys, with runs occurring throughout the day and night and groups representing multiple time zones. Ours is a perfect environment to find people to run keys or simply to learn in a supportive group. We also run regular transmog and achievement runs for players of all levels.

New? Returning? inexperienced? Want to freshen up your skills? is a perfect environment to learn any aspect of the game with friendly and helpful folks. Any of our members would be more than happy to help your through some of the new affixes or maybe explain how that wonky quest chain ends. If you’ve been wanting to try [insert game aspect here] but have been too afraid of being labelled a noob, we’ve got you.

Just want to hang out, do stuff on occasion, level alts and just have people to chat with? We’ve got that covered too. Don’t miss our trivia nights, raffles, and giveaways!

How to Join:

Does Black Omen sound like a place you’d like to call home?

Toss us a line and let us know — you’re welcome anytime. You can reach us here via the forums or find us in game.

Current Officer Mains and or Battletags:

Zyven: Orko#1645

Additionally, you may contact any member and let them know you are interested and they will get you in contact with an officer.

We hope to hear from you.


Hello there, I’m a returning player and I’m looking to get back into some raiding. I’m mainly a healer, I’ve got this Priest, a Pally and Monk all in the 390 ilevel range. I know I a bit behind on gear, but I’m going to be hitting lfr hard to get some upgrades until I can raid normals.

I’ll reach out in game this evening.


very interested!
ill hit yall up via b. net! :slight_smile:

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Come hop in on the fun! I was new to WoW when joined up with Black Omen and it’s been a blast. BNET: PARAMOUNTx#1266 DISCORD: PARAM0UNTx#3415 shoot a message to me or one of the people above or send over a whisper in game!

Sorry that was my alt, I’ll most likely be on this toon! (BNET: PARAMOUNTx#1266 DISCORD: PARAM0UNTx#3415)

Update, 8/8 Heroic EP. :joy:

Come join up with 8.3 around the corner, always looking for solid raiders or anyone willing to learn and listen! Mythic+ always going down and all willing to help people through keys, or have higher keys going on and want to push.

Bump. Guild needs more DPS. The dps we have is good but we need more of then. One of the biggest hurdles keeping us from pushing mythic this patch is we’re short a few good dps. Looking at our roster of regulars I’d say we need some melee and a few hunters. I’d love a dps monk, a pair of hunters, and a few plate dps.

Would you be interested in a returning ex-heroic / mythic player looking for a long time commitment?

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We can’t just keep it casual? See where it goes first? I don’t know if I’m a one dwarf kind of orc.

Real talk though, of course.

I’m Pandaren I’m all about love. As in love to have ya!

Besides raiding a group of us have also been pushing mythic+ keys so if you’re into that sort of thing don’t be afraid to shoot us a message.

We love you too Ufer

Happy to take returning players and teach them the fun changes that have taken place since you’ve been gone!

lets push keeeeys

Currently looking for a resto druid or shaman. And a windwalker monk. We will tank most classes right into raid but especially those above. :slight_smile:

Hey there! Haven’t been raiding very seriously since BFD but looking to get back into playing for 8.3 and you guys seem like a great fit. I main a havoc DH currently but probably will be switching back to my DK for Shadowlands. I’ve raided at the mythic level for a long time but I’m pretty much passed that stage and am looking for something a bit more laid back. and i love running keys. I’ll shoot someone an add on bnet but my tag is kennyff#1626. cheers!

Sent ya a bnet request! Talk to you when you get it!

Area you in need of a warlock?

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We have two but Warlocks are well positioned for raid so I wouldn’t turn down a third. Shoot me a bnet at Rothus#1858 and let’s talk.