Black lotus

In Vanilla flasks were cheap as hell.

I bought my first epic mount selling Flasks for 35-45g just after AQ gates opened. There was a brief spike up to 50g when naxx was released but that really only lasted for titan’s.

“I’d like to point out that most raiding guilds do Onyxia once a week and they do Molten Core one night a week, so this is different groups that you’re seeing. On a lot of servers, we’ll see 500-700 people in Molten Core at prime-time every night of the week.”

Jeff Kaplan - Blizzcon 2005.

Having BL spawn in instances is the worst solution. Most of the solutions you listed actually suck. The only reasonable one is a chance to drop a black lotus from high level herbs.

no changes

you have the worse name in the history of online games



Reducing the server size now is BY FAR the worst solution.

Like… it’s not even close.

I disagree that having lotus spawn in instances is even the second worst solution, but I’m willing to conceed that there may be factors to consider that would move it down the list. Reducing server sizes tho? That solution is worse than the problem by an order of magnitude.

I agree. hard cap servers at 2500 like vanilla. #nochanges.

There absolutely is, and the fix for it is incredibly easy. The biggest problem with Lotus is the bot farmers (and server sizes to nearly the same extent), and Blizzard could end the madness overnight by allowing high-level herbs a ~1% chance to drop a Lotus. That single change would end every single Lotus complaint on these forums, except of course from the Lotus farmers who can no longer screw entire servers out of Flasks.


Just imagine how much of an impact Blizzard could have if they paid a single employee just to spend 2 hours on a server each day on a rotating schedule banning bots in popular farming areas. One day you could easily clear out 4 servers and in one week you’ve been through almost all of them. Randomize the rotation at the start of each week so botters can’t anticipate and you’re good to go.

Imagine if they hired two people.


The change I suggested above would ruin bots completely as well. Lotus prices would come down, and everyone would have access requiring only a moderate amount of farming each week to supply themselves. The only losers here are Lotus farmer mafias and bots, which nobody outside of those groups would have a problem with.


With that name I just can’t take this thread seriously.

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Couldn’t whoever would prefer something like that just roll on a server of that size?

IMO the most reasonable solution if a solution must be had is to dynamically increase/decrease the spawn rate relative to the average server population from say the last ~30 days or something along those lines.

This would maintain vanilla like functionality while also giving the economy a more vanilla like black lotus supply/demand ratio.

It isn’t a problem. It is an optional bonus that isn’t required to get through content. Flasks are nice, but rarity means you can charge more for them, and the economy will balance with a higher price for the tryhards who really want to push parses.

I see your 2005 quote and raise you:

The only way I could see making lotus be more available to the common player, and less easily farmed by the bots/gold sellers is to have every zone that can spawn one no longer have a set spawn location for lotus, and simply make it where one spawns in a random silversage/plaguebloom spawn instead.

Would be the same number of black lotus currently in game, but would be much much much more difficult to node farm the way you see now.


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stop being poor

Everything is inflated. You can make 100g so quickly, the flask prices reflect it.

Also you don’t need flasks.

Why do people insist on crying about black lotus?

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2 lotus a day isn’t lotus farming ur just an herbalist