Black lotus

Can we please get something to help with the black lotus problem? Make it so ZG has a chance to have a lotus spawn inside, or decrease the CD on spawns, or do literally anything to increase how many each server can have since you decided to increase the server cap compared to the size of a vanilla server.

Vanilla servers had a much smaller player cap, so a small amount of lotus spawns made it rare and a bit pricey but it wasn’t a big deal. Classic servers have 3-4 times as many people per server with that same amount of lotus, which makes the part of the game where you buy your flask feel weird and out of place compared to everything else.

I know some people like to just say “no changes” to everything, but I feel like flask prices being 4x what they used to be is a bigger and worse change from how the game used to be than just having the spawns on a shorter timer… but that’s just me.

I know the classic team takes this stuff seriously and making any change is a big deal, but I have a feeling if you were to poll your community you would get an overwhelming amount of support for increasing the spawn rate of lotus to keep it in line with the increased server size so we get an experience that feels more like true vanilla when we go to buy our flask. Thanks :slight_smile:


Or just drop the population cap back down to 2500 like a normal vanilla server.

The megaservers would be interesting for a while…


They could just implement the node change from retail so it has a delayed de spawn but that would just shove even more lotus at the farming kings.

Also I don’t know what is more cancerous, Demon Hunters or your name.


This is probably the worst potential fix I’ve heard so far other than the joke I just made.


There is not a black lotus problem. Just because you can’t get one doesn’t mean there’s a problem. It just means that other people are better at farming them than you are.

It isn’t like you really need flasks for any of the content that is out right now.

Also, your name is atrocious, and is a perfect reason why special characters shouldn’t be allowed in names.


Cause there isn’t a fix. If you drop the server size the farmers will still be there before you. If you add more spawns the farmers will just gather even more. There is no solution other than letting other players get a swing at a already farmed node before it leaves.

I guess placing them i dungeons as rare spawns might help but that will probably be abused.

Awwww but I need to use them when someone steals my already rarely seen name.

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It isn’t stealing if they got it first. Just means that you were slow, and need to be original.

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Incorrect. There are plenty of fixes.

You could change the spawn rate of black lotus.

You could have black lotus spawn in instances.

You could have black lotus rarely drop from regular herbs.

You could have vendors that sell black lotus.

You could reduce server sizes.

You could ban bots and all the lvl 1 ghosts camping.

There are LOTS of these fixes. They all have benefits and drawbacks.

In fact, they all have one thing in common: Blizzard doesn’t care enough about classic to bother.


Many of those will only add to the bags of lotus farmers. You want lotus? Be there first and don’t beg for Blizzard to fix it.

Stop blaming the server size. Dones’t matter how many players are online if the ones already farming it are already there. Smaller server probably means less competition for them anyways.

Also #nochanges uwu

I think flasks were originally intended to only be used for progression content, to help guilds get over the hump when learning new bosses. They are not needed for farm content. Part of the problem I think is people wanting to push for ever better and faster parses, which I don’t think was a common gameplay style back then. But now it’s widespread due to logs, etc.

I don’t know the solution, but flasks would be cheaper if players and guilds would quit using them for farm content. There are already ridiculously OP stacking world buffs that can be used to speed up clear times, so is using flasks on top of that to speed things up even more really necessary?

I know, if people can min/max, they will, but to me the black lotus shortage seems largely player driven. Just a different gameplay style and culture than what was the norm in 2005-2006, IMO.


Ah. Well. Guess what? Players changed. The demand for flasks is higher. I dont get it, but profited heavily once I saw the trend. PServer groups love their flasks so everyone eventually gets FOMO and here we are…

Stop buying flasks. You dont need them, just like you dont need rr gear…but its 2020 and I guess every friggin teeny percentage point means the world!!

Using the average of 60min respawn time for lotus we have the follwing:

4 lotus per hour spawn in the world
4*24 = 96 Lotus spawn in a single day
96 * 235 = 22560 possible lotus since August 26th, 2019.

22560 / 40 = 564 full raids flasked possible since August 26th.

I picked Grobbulus for a server with a total of 92 guilds logged BWL clears.

564 / 92 = 6.

If everyone used flasks, kinda like in vanilla, then there would be enough lotus for 6 raids nights if you farmed every single one since classic launch.

You might claim there is no problem but the numbers show that there is a massive increase in the raiding population of active servers and the access to Black Lotus does not coincide with the access in Vanilla. To me that suggests a huge supply problem.

edit: this is not a suggestion that everyone flasks, nor is it a statement on whether or not flasks are required. This is just to show that compared to vanilla there is a significant supply change. I don’t think a single person can point to a server in Vanilla that had 92 guilds clearing BWL.

edit 2: I am a lotus farmer, i can usually get at least 2 a day before work. Access to lotus is a problem.


The only people who get lotus are the ones farming it. If you want some you’ll have to farm it too.

No. None of my toons are herbalists, and I can’t bring myself to care about parsing.

You can’t force me to stop talking about the actual problem: server size.

Yes. This is why server size is the actual problem.

Poor resource availability is a symptom of that problem.

So you support the suggestion I made to reduce the server sizes?


I didn’t know black lotus ever had the chance to despawn.

Like other nodes, black lotus will despawn after someone successfully picks it.

I meant when the node’s been sitting there forever and finally fades away.

And that’s not what Atlỳss was talking about, as I’m sure you know.

I didn’t, actually.