Black lotus

Couldn’t whoever would prefer something like that just roll on a server of that size?

IMO the most reasonable solution if a solution must be had is to dynamically increase/decrease the spawn rate relative to the average server population from say the last ~30 days or something along those lines.

This would maintain vanilla like functionality while also giving the economy a more vanilla like black lotus supply/demand ratio.

It isn’t a problem. It is an optional bonus that isn’t required to get through content. Flasks are nice, but rarity means you can charge more for them, and the economy will balance with a higher price for the tryhards who really want to push parses.

I see your 2005 quote and raise you:

The only way I could see making lotus be more available to the common player, and less easily farmed by the bots/gold sellers is to have every zone that can spawn one no longer have a set spawn location for lotus, and simply make it where one spawns in a random silversage/plaguebloom spawn instead.

Would be the same number of black lotus currently in game, but would be much much much more difficult to node farm the way you see now.


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stop being poor

Everything is inflated. You can make 100g so quickly, the flask prices reflect it.

Also you don’t need flasks.

Why do people insist on crying about black lotus?

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2 lotus a day isn’t lotus farming ur just an herbalist

Dude, I already explained to you that I’m not the person who thought realm sizes were the same as Vanilla. You kept saying I was linking an Ion quote about it and I never did.

I simply posted what you quoted there to let people know that there were a decent amount of people raiding even back in 2005.

I’ve said it numerous times that Full Classic servers have a concurrent user cap of about 5,000. At the end of Vanilla, the cap on servers was 3,000~

That’s not true to vanilla.

Oh Jesus, that name, yo.

“Jeff,” I’d bet. :wink:

my brother omce found a black lotus.

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You could try, but you never know when Blizz might use you as a destination realm and turn you into high pop server. Look at Earthfury, formerly known as Deadfury.

Didn’t it have a pretty decent population prior to the server transfers though?

But yes, that is something that can happen. I’d still much prefer that to forcing everybody into lower population servers, which apparently the majority of played do not want, as they are mostly clustered on the highest population servers.

Been wanting this since day 1. This game was never designed to handle as many players as we have now on some servers. A big reason I wanted official servers was because I thought I wouldn’t have to deal with this over populated mega server crap.

It is true to vanilla. You never actually needed flasks to get through MC or BWL. People used them because they didn’t know what they were doing, and hadn’t had 15 years of theorycrafting and guides to work from. Basically, people needed flasks because they didn’t know what they were doing. People know more, now, which is why Rag and Ony both died before the first reset, and people were clearing BWL day one. Even without flasks, people are still clearing raids. Flasks are only needed if your raid team doesn’t know what they’re doing, or if you’re trying to parse uber high so that you can show off your e-peen to others.

Finally, data from someone who gets it

Aaaaaand its a player created situ

Private server kids are paying subs. Classic would likely not exist without them,so, we live with a strange compromise where the old game has way more tryhards and flaskers, while also bringing back all the enitled (greyish) neckbeards.

What a combo!!!

Because its what they love to do. We are shouting into a wind lol