Bigglesworth and Incendius time zone clarification?

Blizzard please

Come’on, it’s not that big a deal…I’ll take 5 minutes to figure out which is which…

This is actually a big question.


Yes, this is kinda halting somes peoples plans.


Blizzard pls

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We need a response on this blizzard. You told us 2 different things.

It will take a lot more than 5 minutes to organize everyone though.

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Do you have a discord? There ya go…And you’re welcome!

And if you are trying to get a name you want on a server that wont be /full. it will take 5 min and then you find out you are on the wrong server and your names are taken on the other one already.

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Bumping this, clarification before name reservation goes up would be nice

Howdy Derrick!

This is your friendly neighborhood Game Master Lograldon. I am sorry to hear that there was some confusion regarding a recent announcement!

The information about new realm locations should be correct in the forum post here:

I hope this addresses all the concerns you had today. Please let us know if there is anything else that we can assist with!


your no GM

indeed, we need a blue post

i put in a ticket 10 hours ago bud, copied and pasted it here but yeah a blue post would be nice as he said should be correct

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Someone at Blizzard made a writing mistake… wich one is the true ?

according the gm that replied to my ticket the newest one is true

Yeah an official update would be nice.

Less than two days to clarify this Blizzard.

any word on Biggles being West?

They fixed the article!

The main article in the first post of this thread now matches the Blue Post.

Bigglesworth is PST!
Incendius is EST!