Biggest RMT fuel after GDKP is boosting, which will keep RMT market healthy

BFD pots aren’t even close to that lmao

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It should be banned even if the one getting boosted doesn’t loot anything. There is no reason to allow that kind of paid service when XP rates have been buffed for SoD. People either need to play the game normally or quit.

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Grey parsers should be banned.

I would have accepted mine when I had a few, and then I would have made a new account and learned my lesson.

Parsing is cringe and should be banned.

I just looked at several Lone Wolf GDKP loot logs and except for a single raid the highest anyone spent on a single item was 40g. Most items went between 5-10g in over a dozen loot logs on several different raids. The one outlier was 120g on leather tier boots where if someone was trying to complete their set and had never seen it drop I don’t blame them for valuing it that high. My hunter on Lone Wolf has yet to see their third tier piece in the guild that I raid with on my main. So please. If you are going to try to “gottem” do it with actual facts. There are discord servers out there that allow for pug communities, gdkp and SR alike, where it is very easy to do the quick research.

everyone that doesnt play the game exactly how I deem right should be banned!

get over yourself.

This is correct. Boosting already falls under what is not allowed anymore. So they’ll just get rightfully banned. And the game will improve.

Nah, people who buy gold should be banned. Selling boosts should be banned. Activities that encourage gold buying (like GDKPs) should be banned.

And they finally are.

again . get over yourself.

To educate the folks who don’t have the time or care to learn how economies behave , and wow is no exception, the Boosting base price will be greatly increased as a direct result of lack of GDKPs, so Boosting , if allowed, will still encourage over time, on average, the same amount of gold input to that system as before where some of it that input was absorbed by GDKP

Thus the demand for gold (and likelihood of RMT) will stay at or about the same.

TLDR: Blizz put a band-aid on a severed limb, you’re still gonna lose the whole arm soon.

LOL. Telling people to get over themselves because they don’t want players buying gold. :rofl:

The veil is already lifting as to why GDKPers are upset why it’s being banned.

no it was in response to you saying boosting should be banned.

i think that is very stupid to do and disagree with your decree that all people that dont play like you want them to should be banned.

i think its highly arrogant and wrong of you to do so.


Gold buyers should be banned.
Boosting should be banned.

Blizz agrees. Maybe you should try just, you know, playing a game for fun. And not turn it into a job.


maybe you should just… get over yourself and stop being an arrogant jerk.

gl with that.

How does boosting fall under what’s not aloud?

The fact that they already solved boosting in SOM and chose not to implement it to SOD

Boosting is only going to relevant for the most part in actual content. The lvl xp buff will cut boosting by a large margin

The demand won’t increase to naturally increase the price, so, increasing the price articficially will lead to a decrease in customers

People so upset if they can’t sell boosts.
And if they can’t buy gear with their illegally bought gold.