SoM Bots now on Era

There were never any obvious bots in Era before SoM close. Now both horde and alliance sides littered with bots farming dire maul. it’s frustrating, because many of these bots I reported on SoM months before they transferred.

Are bots just becoming bolder or does blizzard not care about the classic games anymore to the point were are now in a lawless wild west town? :grimacing:


Did a who on the last day of SoM on the PvE server. Of the fifty players it showed the list was 3/4 hunters. Yep, they were prepping using the 100% xp boost. It’s known now that the Era servers are busy, time for the vultures to swoop in.
I hope people don’t support (buy from) the gold sellers, it ruins the game for everyone.


Was playing an alt in Teldrassil and saw about 15 or so level 1 NE rogues with ABC ending names all running in a single clump. Put in a report as while it could just be a multi-boxer it’s probably not. The question is does Bliz care enough about Classic Era to actually swat them.

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First time?

This has been the case since 2019

Saw some advertisements in the LFG channel for boosts and GDKPs in Classic Era lately. Immediately my enthusiasm started to plummet.

I guess it’s inevitable as it gets more popular again that this crap shows up.

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The problem is the people who actually buy gold and it’s gotta be a sizable number of the playerbase or the botting wouldn’t be so out of control.

They wouldn’t be doing this if there wasn’t good money in it. GDKP is usually gold laundering which is why I try to stay away anyone participating in it and generally should be reported/blacklisted or something.

Community as a whole needs to stop all that or it’s never going away, especially when buying currency and all that is so normalized with “the modern gamer”. Pretty depressing.

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Nah, Blizz just needs to do their job and perma ban gold buyers/sellers and bots. GDKPs are fine and it is the best pug loot system out there.


But Blizz won’t do that. This is beyond obvious just looking at Wrath. As a concept, GDKPs are fine. But the reality is they’re linked to gold buying. And since Blizz has ZERO interest in doing anything about that, it means as more players return to Classic Era this will only get worse.

Boosting is a shortcut to leveling, and GDKPs are a shortcut to gearing. And they both support buying gold (due to the fact there is no risk doing so). Bots will start to take over Classic Era if it gains true popularity.

How else will they pump up their time played numbers?

I’d be interested in participating if it were not for the gold buying. I don’t want to buy gold to afford the prices this creates, much less farm these amounts. When this happens I quit playing. It’s just not fun.

You dont have to buy gold to participate. Ive never bought gold and have been participating in gdkps for over a decade.

If you eliminate everything that could be linked to gold buying youd have to eliminate every transactional feature/system in the game.

No, you hire GMs to track and ban bots and gold buyers. But Blizz won’t do that.

And some things (like GDKPs)…’encourage’ gold buying a lot more than others. In a completely unpoliced game like Classic that’s a problem. You might not buy gold, but many players do.

Like I said, I’ve seen this start to creep into Classic Era. Boosts too (which are largely paid for by gold buyers). If Blizz isn’t going to deal with the bots and the gold selling business, I don’t ask for things like gdkp and selling boosts to be banned. I just quit. That’s not the game for me.

blizzard is not going to help with bots, ever
the only solution must come from the players
this is why i only play hardcore on bloodsail now
don’t you get it, you MUST join one of these “no trade communities” in order to defeat the bots
it’s the ONLY way :expressionless:

Yes….ten chars