Biggest RMT fuel after GDKP is boosting, which will keep RMT market healthy

Dev team decided not to implement SOM anti-boosting experience formulas in SOD, so the boosting economy will be absolutely loaded in SOD, and will be healthy enough to drive the demand for RMT gold.

Similar to GDKP in big organizations where the organization sells their gold for real money, booster mages do the same.

The gold goes through a cycle: Boost players for gold → sell gold back to players for real money. They essentially cycle the same gold through the system repeatedly.

Without GDKP, the RMT demand will go down a small bit, but boosting will keep it alive.


I guess you are talking about level boosting. What is your reason to believe that the amount of gold spend for boosting is so much higher compared to GDKPs, that as a result, without GDKPs the RMT demand will go down only by a small amount?

From what I understand, in GDKPs players compete with each other and since there is no bidding limit, the prices and overall gold needed end up much higher compared to level boosts, which have a fixed price.

So again, why do you think the vast majority of RMT activities does not stem from GDKPs?

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What makes you think they won’t stop boosting too? They already have a fix in for living flame healing for P2. So the next option would be using blizzard. But what makes you think they won’t stop that too?
Doesn’t take much effort to put in the SoM anti boosting mechanics.

I would be cautious in selling boosts. All it takes to violate the new policy is for one of the paying players to loot any item in the raid.

  • We’re defining GDKP as any raid or dungeon run where items are awarded in exchange for gold. Please note that we have multiple detection methods for GDKP that are effective both inside and outside of dungeon or raid instances.

Because in SOD you can quest to make gold on top of using professions and the AH. And in GDKPs things aren’t going for hundreds of gold. The epic sword went for a whole 20g the last time I saw it drop. The average item goes for like 5g. And all phase the highest item I saw was the staff and that was 120g, which is just 2 days of questing. BFD pots honestly aren’t that big.

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Everyon knows in GDKPs pots differ greatly depending on the buyers pockets. I was not denying, that there are runs without horrendous pots. However, I was aiming at the claim, that gold spend in GDKPs is so low compared to level boosting, that without GDKPs, RMT activities would only go down by a small bit. These ~70s for RFC runs are not much either and its a fixed price.
Therefore I would still like to know on what basis the claim was made, that most of RMT is unrelated to GDKPs.

The amount of RMT given to streamers by their subs is an issue too, so we gonna ban them now yes?

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I could be wrong, but the people doing the boosting don’t need the loot. Thus even this is gonna fall under that. RIP WC and etc runs.


the booster can just keep all the loot and not put it on ffa.

no need for that.

it certainly wont, i see boosts going for as little as 9 gold, absolutely nothing in comparison to the 800+ gold that GDKP was bringing in

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3-5g Stockade boosts for 15 minutes is 12-20g every 15 minutes. In 30 minutes that booster has 24-40g. I have maybe received 1 payout over 24g for the 30 minute raid all phase 1 and I am in a GDKP guild that does 4-6 raids a lockout every lockout. Those massive pots of 500g are very rare. I can show you SSs of all the loot ledgers posted for the phase because they keep track because every GDKP has a record. But a booster can make so much more in the same time if they are good.

But again. The AH, professions, and questing are all easy viable avenues to obtain gold. So I am not sure how many people in SOD are buying gold to GDKP. I can’t name one person in guild that does but it is possible someone does and I just don’t know. Just like it is possible that someone that doesn’t GDKP also buys gold. I would just like to ban the RMTers. GDKPs would still exist if no gold was bought ever.

Getting rid of GDKPs isnt going to put a dent in the RMT’s.

If you think so, you’re ignorant.

Pretty bald to call anyone, who is not in line with your assumption, ignorant. Contrary to what you just stated, the gold price dropped by like half after the announces for SoD within 1 or to days. Seemingly GDKPs are indeed an important factor when it comes to selling gold for real money and even Blizzard acknowledges that.

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Damn i better get some

Lol a pre-raid BiS items is going for 100g min on Lone Wolf, I highly doubt a GDKP raid epic on that server is being sold for 20g, unless no one actually needed it and someone just wanted it for the looks.

Sounds like you’re leaving out key context here.

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Paid level boosting and raid carries need to be banned as well.

I agree OP, Blizzard should announce next their plans to ban boosting. Let’s fully crack down on these activities.

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I would frankly prefer this over botting tbh. Sure it’s still against the ToS and should be banned, but if we could get every gold seller to make their gold from legitimate players instead of massive bot farms, the game would be so, so much healthier lmao.

Raid carries definitely are banned under Blizzard’s clarification of what they consider a GDKP. Anyone who’s saying otherwise is arguing semantics and grasping at straws and I wish them luck when Blizzard’s new automatic GDKP detection systems flag and ban them for trying to sell carries.

Level boosting might also be banned tbh, but it’s far more of a gray area. The only way level boosters won’t get banned is if they refuse to let their customers loot a single mob in the dungeon they’re being leveled through. Otherwise, they’re very much ‘doing a GDKP’ under Blizzard’s new rules.