Big Canon in Azshara (zone)

In the WoW Q&A in 2018 someone asked if the canon would be fired and Alex anwered a clear Yes. As we are aproaching the final patch and the next expansion is already announced, is this still happening? As there seems to be no scenario or anything depecting this in 8.3 as far as i am aware of. What do you guys think?


They are saving it for when the horde needs to start another war.


He said “Yes” but that probably translates to “…maaaaybe”. Far more likely it’s one of those things they threw in thinking “Hey this looks really cool, let’s add it in” without putting any real thought into future use or lore.

The only thing I can think that we’d fire it at would be N’Zoth at this point, and it would seem that we use the Forge of Origination and the Engine of Nalak’sha instead. So I wouldn’t count on it.

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I’m extremely disappointed. It literally the one thing I really wanted to have happen. I don’t care what would of happened or where it was aimed. Just that it was fired.

Like really, why wouldn’t of sylvanas not ordered it fired at some point during the war? Oh well.


I think you just figured out how we get to the Shadowlands.


It might still happen in 8.3.5. I actually have an idea of what the cannon might be used for. Spoilers for 8.3 though:


Gallywix has left the Horde and abandoned the Bilgewater. Gazlowe replaces him as the new cartel leader. Coincidentally, in Azshara is a certain pleasure palace and the enormous stone head of a former leader no one likes anymore. Conveniently right in range of that cannon. :thinking:


I wanted to make a joke about firing at Bahamut when he tries to come out of one of Azeroth’s moons, but this just feels so right.

They’ll use the cannon to shoot at Sargeras’ sword. When the sword gets hit and falls down, the hilt will fall directly on top of Feathermoon Stronghold because, you know, screw the Night Elves one more time.


Please, Lord God. :joy:


I bet you can hit Nordrassil with it…


You joke about this, but it’s probably exactly what will happen. They will even have one of the good cutscenes, like when Anduin and Saurfang talk, showing all the Night Elves trying to run away as the blade falls closer and then it just goes black as the sword hits. Blizzard would do this because they hate Night Elves so much.

I gotta admit, I’d laugh at Blizzard’s cheek if they did that.

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“Gallywix, make some upgrades to your cannon. We need it turned 97 degrees north as a back up plan to to siege down Teldassil.”

“Sylvanas, there is a 50/50 chance this thing might just blow up this entire island. Its really just for show.”

“Fine… we’ll just burn it.”

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If there’s a will to spit on Night Elf fans, there’s always a way you know :slight_smile:

What if we use it to shoot at the marauding Scourge in the Shadowlands prevent?

Well, Sylvannas can pull a sneaky and siege the Canon to fire it a stormwind, that would be
A) epic
B) fuelling the Maw as much as she wants
C) holy shmorgles the park AGAIN?

If this happens I can only pray to the gods that Anduin is in Stormwind… but knowing Blizzard they will say everyone except the Night Elves were evacuated before hand.

Naw the horde can hit that tree with catapults from the barrens.


I honestly hope the thing violently backfires just because of all the hype it’s gotten.