Big Blood Elf Customization Thread

I’ve been thinking about the loss of uniqueness the Blood Elves had because of Void Elves that wants to RP as High Elves, and had an idea: Should Blizzard ‘twist’ the skeleton of one of the races, so they get different stances? maybe some new animations as well?

RP wise I’m a bit bummed that Void Elves are just a carbon copy of Blood Elves now, I would definitely love something to distinguish the races - whether it being tattoos/scars (the VE’s would probably spam the forums until they’d get it too, lol) or actual noticeable difference in animation/stances like Night Borne and Night Elves

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They could mirror the mesh and bones and controls for some things. Mirror command exists in most major 3D software.

We could give the void elves tentacles for limbs.


They shoulda just done what they did for Kul Tirans and made them a bit different a little larger


We no longer do jokes around here. They don’t translate well when put thru Google Translate before being posted on the forums.


Thought I’d do a compilation of some of my mockups in one image, so it can fit into posts more easily.


I did NOT post on LoQ’s behalf. I simply invited her to the discord. :blush:

I love my void elf
Hands off lol

I’m not sold on the right hand side
But the left hand side needs to happen


You made wild accusations about one discord you’re not a part of, while dragging another discord through the mud in the claim that the sole purpose of said discord is to “oppose” the discord you made wild claims about.

Basically what Somand said.


Still doesn’t prove Fenelon’s point. Stop putting words into my mouth.

These look really nice! OMG to be a Blood Knight with those red eyes!


I almost liked this again! lol
This is my new posting main. I’ll leave Starlagosa behind for now.


Look at that handsome Undead Red haired, Red eyed son of a gun.


He’s quite handsome.

I’m going to die of old age before my wow character can have tats and scars.


Game will shut down before I get red-eyes.


Seems like it. It’s not that I feel terrible about how my Belf looks now. But it’s kind of disappointing that most of what was given was tacky jewelry that I never wear. The only change I made was making my hair actually black instead of blue hue.


make us play evoker in blood elf form

This makes no sense if all the customization were available to all races then no one would look alike and most races have different and unique skeletons.

they should just copy past Kul Tirans with minor changes and make it an ogre