Big Blood Elf Customization Thread

Chromancy healing :partying_face:


Yup that’s what I’d like to see for Mages. I figure Warlocks could heal via Fel Cauterization or Soul Manipulation magic (akin to the aforementioned hypothetical Necromancer Spiritualist spec).


Wait, what about Monks? That was a ranged healer class attached to an otherwise melee class.

I like both of our 2h melee weapon animations myself. What would you want changed?

Kinda hoping we’ll get that and the spellbreaker shield at least.

I’d also love a bow with quiver and maybe a dagger and offhand.

Heritage weapons should work for most classes and most available weapon setups imo.

It threw a bone one time to a non melee tank spec on an other wise melee class.

DK all melee an tank, DH melee and tank. A single bone was thrown w monk.

I don’t think a single bone should be thrown to a tank spec on a ranged class bcz of how long we’ve had to wait and tanks and melee were given new options each time.

Like it’s asking a bone to be thrown to adding a tank spec and referencing the bone thrown for a healing spec but healers and ranged were the ones who keep being left out so I don’t know.

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Monk isn’t really ranged.

MW despite having ranged abilities is designed to be a fistweaving melee healer.

Fair enough.

Heh, maybe that’s why I’m so rubbish at it then.

Also post 5k?

Feel like I should do more than this…

I’ll post my list again.

Blood Elf Customization List

Still a work in progress…

  • Amber eyes, orange eyes, red eyes, pink eyes and black eyes. Also teals and between green and gold colors to represent our eyes shifting from green to blue or gold. (bonus if there is one for green to purple) Phoenix eyes as well.

  • Heterochromia Eye Options

By Somand, Also features removable tiara.

By Somand, includes Dark ranger Red and Black eyes.

  • Farstrider Warpaint

By Somand, Also includes scars, damaged ear and blind eye options.

  • Runic/Arcane Tattoos

By Lance, Rommath tatts

  • Henna Tattoos

  • Pheonix or slightly fire/light based looking tattoos kinda like the Nightborne have going on.

By Ace

By Somand, Light Tattoos and Light “Tentacle” or Hair option. Also Ear Armor.

  • More Hairstyles, including curly styles, longer styles (very long), braids, short “medieval” styles and many more. These should be for both genders.

By Lancelot

  • Scars, body and head…

  • Damaged ears

  • Pink and burgundy hair…also a few more shades and colors of hair in general.

  • Ability to remove the tiara (and other jewelry) from hairstyles.

  • jewelry for both genders.

  • makeup separate and for both genders.

  • Removed Jewelry from initial pass.

By WoW

  • Beards

  • Eybrow Options

By Somand

  • Fully encompassed blind options… Including half blind options that actually hits every color for both sides.

  • Several body types for Blood Elves.

  • Depending how Blizzard chooses to do it I’d like to either see San’layn or Dark Rangers be represented as well… though my preferred is with San’layn as their own AR and Dark Rangers as customization (or a class) for blood elves.

  • Felblood Elves represented through customizations we saw on them in TBC.

  • Updated Paladin mount for Blood Elves using either a Hawkstrider or Courser with armor themed on the Blood Knights.

By Somand

By Somand

  • More Heritage Armor tints.

By Somand, Also includes Boot edit and coat addition to the hips.

Feel free to toss suggestions at me to add.


Sometimes I regret putting the people that say that stuff on block. I can’t see what silly things are said about me.

I mean there was the one that said I was a fake man. That’s something, right?

I love felblood elves so much.

The potential of having a sympathetic Felblood who was a good loyal soldier to Kael’thas until the bitter end, being turned into a monster for their efforts. Having to live with being a monster, and reconcile with it, and feel remose and regret for their blind loyalty, but also show that monsters are people too is just such a cool premise to me.


Realized I failed to comment on this after I read Zan’s post.

I do like the idea of the felblood returning home after.

Exactly this.

I could be wrong, but I remember hearing that MW was intended to be ranged, and that fistweaving existing was an accident.

I also remember Blizzard going out of their way to remove fistweaving from the game at one point, but adding it back as a talent when people who enjoyed it were upset.

That sounds neat, but impossible to balance. Tanks need to backpedal. How do you make the pet backpedal? I just can’t see a pet having the precision of movement a tank needs to be effective.



It’s actually the main way to play right now as well. The problem is that MW mana is essentially a phone on 10% battery.

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Your abilities determine the movement of the “pet” rather than what hunters, warlocks, mages, shaman and DKs utilize. It would be a very different pet type spec than the ones we currently have.

Your other abilities also summon temporary minions that facilitate cleaves and aoe disorients or taunts/aggro retention.

Health pool is of course shared between the “pet” and Necromancer and one of the spec components increases mitigation and defense with increased health pool.

As far as I understand it, you need the precision of WASD and a mouse for proper movement, so abilities for repositioning wouldn’t cut it. The only way I can see it working is if you were controlling the pet directly like with Eyes of the Beast.

Vaelian’s suggestion of playing as the pet while your character functions like a pet comes to mind, but that would essentially just be a form like Druid’s bear, but with a different thematic and a pet you can mog.


That was still one of the worst things I’ve seen on these forums w such intent behind it.

I personally as you know dislike them but I recognize visually they would be a distinct new set of options that parallel the deal VEs got so I support them

I saw this post in this random thread that gets bumped on the forums and I feel its kind of a good point like Felblood elves could be that parallel.


Speak for yoursElf. I am.

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This better to be Elves than Elvis.

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My Pally on the PTR:

Spoilers about the quests:


I liked most of it, except the race in Bastion. I felt that was wildly out of place with the seriousness of the storyline and did not fit at all.


I’m not even sorry but I really love this armor I’m glad we got the whole set (obviously)

I know some people weren’t the biggest fans of it but I love it


Yeah same. I love the Blood Knight look and am happy to have an updated armor. Now if Belf Pallys could get an updated mount. The Legion hall ones do not have Belf colors and don’t match. The old Pally mount is looking so ancient these days.


They need gold gems instead of blue.

I entirely agree with this.

I like this one the best.

Hey I know that handsome elf!

Kinda agree with him.


I’d have preferred gold gems instead of blue. But for some reason it still works for me. It still looks nice.