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Yeah, I need to level my boomkin, but resil does hurt the Crits a lot.

It does but in wpvp you will be going against a lot of pve andys with 0 resil. Landing on the flag pole of the pvp objectives in hellfire and going ham seems fun lol.

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For sure. Go resto + moonkin form so you have NS. Can NS heal or NS wrath since nature. so starfire with an instant wrath…

Im tempted to boost this dude since I’m so lazy but don’t want to waste it and then wish I used it on something else (priest, warrior, druid…)

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So did mt pre-download stuff for TBC, tried to log over to regular classic to see if servers were active there and it said Install instead of play. hmmmmm

We’re going to have lots of fun terrorizing the horde in wPvP objectives for the next few years.

PS when y’all going to join Solstice? It’s a total dad guild and everyone I’ve interacted with has been great.

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June 21st.


Fred with the dad joke about the dad guild. Classic lol

Tsataga what raid times are they doing?

No boosting a drenai sadly or I probably would lol… So no boosts for me likely. Druid will be max and shaman will be leveled. That’ll be it.

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There are angry gnomes who foam at the mouth in that guild. Had an encounter with one of them in AB last night. :smiley:

I’ll be maining my spriest for TBC. Dwarves are gonna be spriest overlords in PvP but I’m pretty addicted to my smeld! And stoneform will no longer remove blind which will suck.


Well, yeah, but there’s many angry gnomes in PvP period. It’s probably because they’re short and cant be healing classes.

Currently it’s sat sun starting at 6 server. It seems like they do occasional ones during the week too, TBH I’m not entirely sure if all the dates. I haven’t been paying attention since I’ve just been leveling

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Nobody rolling warrior? I kind of want to play one. The little of TBC I played before wrath I played warrior to like level 20.

Are they that bad now? I figured they still wreck in pvp, plus now with 2s too

How is life as a spriest? People expect you to go heals?

I’m a lazy hybrid player and don’t really like disc or holy lol, but love spriest.

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There’s probably enough of us here to make a 10 man kara team.

You and the wife, fred, jadei, squeek, tribbie, holycow, myself and the wife, and my bro if we needed a 10th and not missing someone. I’m sure I’m missing someone.

Wars are fine. Melee as a whole gets punished in a lot of pve mechanics. Also in arena rdruids and mages are considered top tier. infinite roots, slows and cyclone/sheep spam. They are still good though especially holding a stormherald with a wf shaman on your team.

You tanking? I foresee speed clears (wipes) when you pull the whole instance with a speed pot.

Isn’t Nawat leveling a shammy on Grobb?

Spriest has not been loved in classic, in PvE or PvP (meme spec :rage:). Players get really toxic in PvP especially when they die a lot and the spriest (who is always oom) is not healing them. I think we’re going to get a little more respect in TBC though. We bring mana regen and shadow weaving.


I foresee most of my game time tonight being dedicated to fixing UI issues and completely building my keybinds.

Also if you want further nameplate view distance this console command should work tonight.

/console nameplateMaxDistance 41

you were suppose to carry us!!!111!1!11


If you don’t oom first.

Eh with all the mages I want to be able to move without playing a gnome lol (no offense squeek).
They have a high skill floor though with stance dancing.

A good pally can help with that by cleansing that obnoxious viper sting that rarely gets cleansed and BoW. Know any good pallies?

What’s the hipster class/spec (you know the one nobody plays).

Those aren’t real.

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