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Agreed. The combat just feels slow, clunky and stale to me.

I doubt I’m going to move on to another MMO.

I’m finding that gaming in general is taking up less of my time and interest these days.

I’ve joked about it for a while, but it seems like my inner child is finally catching up to my actual age :rofl:


I’ve decided I’m sitting out this patch and am on borrowed time. I’ll see what the next patch offers, whenever that releases, but overall pretty disappointed in the state of the game.

I’ve played maybe 2 hours of 9.1 but it was enough to get a general idea. Great if you like raiding and perhaps M+, not so much if you prefer PvP. Korthia is a watered-down version of the Timeless Isle with a few chores, and I didn’t bother trying the completely unnecessary changes to Torghast or the single new dungeon. This “major content patch” really feels like a seasonal reset rather than new stuff.

My favourite game mode, Epic Battlegrounds (with perhaps the exception of Ashran, bizarrely), are in a pretty piss poor state and it was disheartening to not see any further iteration on Wintergrasp, Alterac Valley or Isle of Conquest. I’m not waiting 2 years for basic tweaks to make them enjoyable/playable.

Battlegrounds have been so messed up by the gearing process that I’m not even enjoying those anymore. It’s not fun being able to accurately predict the outcome of the match 95% of the time before the gates even open just by seeing who has more geared folk.

Yeah, right now there are enough things battling for my attention between adulting and other entertainment outlets that WoW doesn’t seem to be providing the same release it used to. :man_shrugging:


Never… Lol I just play games for fun though. For the longest time I could log in and PvP. As soon as I have to log in and do a chore I’m out. I’ll be sticking to other games and sports forever lol

I have to say though, right now the world opening up is awesome. Went on a 4 day hike with some friends in a different province. Was great. Might be hitting up europe in September if I can get the time off approved. Everyone is asking for time now :joy:

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It’s intriguing how much effort is being put into making changes to BGs in the classic version of the game.


The quick queues revealed that a noticeable number of players were doing BGs in organized raids. This makes sense; the time it takes to form a premade is time well-invested for those players. But for the large number of players who choose to queue alone, there’s essentially no hope of winning the BG. There are a couple of ways we can try addressing this, and in this next test, we’d like to try restricting groups to a maximum of 5 players in all Battlegrounds.


I’m fairly sure that a not insignificant number of people went to play TBC because they could join BGs as full raids. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder why Blizzard didn’t test prioritizing matching raid premades against each other, especially if they can do same-faction games now.

Or maybe Blizzard already knows the premades would try to circumvent the system in various ways that would be detrimental to everyone else.

I don’t think they have the capability honestly.

If anyone gets this, please let us know if it’s fun.

Blizzard needs to clean house.

Power corrupts… People always have to abuse it. A historically male dominated industry so I wouldn’t doubt it’s all true, kinda just history repeating itself at this point. Not a fan of blizzards response either unfortunately.

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WoWhead knew the comments section would be a :poop: show.

Sad if true. I still think we should follow the innocent until proven guilty but it doesn’t look good. I have 3 daughters myself and I couldn’t imagine them growing up being huge fans of blizzard, pursue a programming career and then eventually land their dream job at blizzard to only be harassed and groped. Mad dad moment.

Section 48 of the lawsuit is horrible.

Thought that was very odd given the topic; people talking about this and shining light on what I’m sure happens more than we know is only a good thing.

At any rate, the claims in the lawsuit are very distressing and I hope that this leads to a thorough investigation and any and all claims taken seriously.

I also wasn’t a fan of Blizzard’s response.

Yea that’s extremely horrible. I’m still not sure why you quoted that part of my post though if you are agreeing/disagreeing with it.

Oh, I was agreeing. It doesn’t look good.


I dunno man… Normally in a one on one situation I’d agree with ya. This is kinda different though. It’s kinda just history repeating itself on male dominated industries being kinda disgusting. Also I don’t know if you say the clip of 2010 BlizzCon with Alex where a woman asked about female characters. It was kinda a dumb question but the answer was even dumber. Very much a bro culture and clearly not taking her seriously. Super trashy honestly. I think it was made by the Alex guy that queitly left but some of the other guys fist bumped over the dumb response.

Zero doubt in my mind that most of it is true at this point lol…