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Guess we’re on to Part 2!

is this a sequel or a remake?

Strange, I thought the “limit” for lounge threads was like 20k posts?

Seemed like it still had some life left in it @ around 9k posts

teh close note on last thred says 5k is limit

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Well, at least it never got deleted.


At least I have chicken.

Big sad. So many memories from the old bg forums.

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Rip old bg forums lounge

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Truly, an archive of some great times.

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And F off blizz with your “is it a complete sentence”

Gd grammar police…

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Tsataga >>>>> system


Hmmmm, could’ve sworn it’s like a 20k limit…

Maybe they changed it at some point, idk. I know from the front-page/GD board I’ve seen the odd megathread with 15k+ posts

Here’s a few I pulled up just now:

15k+ posts

20k+ posts

jus quotin blzz

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If I ever get some extreme downtime I’m absolutely going through it to see some of the old names… One doesn’t want to end up in the hospital but if I ever do that’s what I’m doing :rofl::rofl:


only took 5 years to hit 5k posts, gj everyone.

What’s sad is it was somehow kept open around 5000 a few years ago and now just automatically closed at almost 9000.

Like the automated server just swept in and did it.


…anyone else noticing a trend of 0 healers the past few days? I wonder what’s going on, lol

Last night there was an AV and an Ashran that popped where the team literally had 0 healers at the start

Anyways, just strikes me as highly unusual that a 40-man BG could start with 0 healers… just seems so improbable :flushed:

I liked the first one better.

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I don’t mind healing epics, but normals/blitz becomes pretty frustrating when DPS have 0 situational awareness and nobody knows how to peel/CC people off healers.

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