BFA Season 2 Rating Cutoffs - Updated June 24 2019

Here are the BFA Season 2 ratings cutoffs for the Sinister Hero and Gladiator ranks.

As always, these ratings are not final, and they will change between now and the end of Season 2. This is a snapshot of what would have been if the season ended at:
10:15 a.m. PDT Monday, June 24

Hero of the Horde: Sinister
Rating: 2377

Hero of the Alliance: Sinister
Rating: 2322

Horde Sinister Gladiator: Battle for Azeroth Season 2
Rating: 2904

Alliance Sinister Gladiator: Battle for Azeroth Season 2
Rating: 2956

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very cool thanks for sharing


arenamate was dead on :eyes:



dead season is dead


I NEEEEEEEED ITTTT (making body clear so I can post this)

Your class is free r1

So much for the new “participation trophy” system being the reason for participation being so high last season.

Hate to say it but to folks that thought watering down titles would/did revitalize the ladder, clearly ranking system was not the issue.

Go back to old title system, bring back vendors/resilience ty.

If anyone is curious btw, Pre-BfA gladiator would be:

Alliance: 2493 (235 spots)
Horde: 2514 (410 spots)


Where is your rank1 from bfa season1 where it was free for druid?


I didnt try for it in BFA ses 1

what an unexpected response. x)


well ive been playing sub so /shrug

Still wondering why they stick to the faction based r1/hero titles tbh

Still wondering why they don’t remove pve gear tbh


But these are for Rank 1 and not Glad. Do you know what the number of R1 spots were for previous seasons?


Gear was the reason for high participation. They nerfed gear drops so players other than hardcore PvPers lost incentive to queue.

Does anyone remember in season 1 when Mythic raiders like Method were doing arena to help gear up?


That’s my point though, screwing with the titles wasn’t the reason participation was high season 1.

Might as well change titles back to old system.

Yeah I was just pointing out that prestige or cosmetic rewards are never the incentive for most players. They only care about gear and whether it’s from m+, arenas, or pet battles they will do the content that rewards them better gear

Does anyone know by how much the R1 cutoff usually goes up in the last day of the season?