Bring back % based gladiator

hooah yurrpp

I dunno about this one chief. Bar Legion, most expansions first season saw 300k~participants and then it drops heavily right after that. It wasn’t due to the glad change rofl.

some people don’t understand this logic. they just are quick to jump to “wow you’re a legion glad defending legion glad like that title mattered”. it’s like no, i just like having more incentives to pvp after the first month, idk.


sorry i like the gladiator mounts to have some sort of value to them, vs it being an anniversary mount.


I mean right now it’s slightly more difficult to get cause deflation, but tbh the new glad is better cause you don’t have to sit anymore unless you’re r1. they just should have had it so you need 50 wins in the top 0.5% rating instead of 2.4 making it dynamic. There would need to be some kind of extra rules though so people wouldn’t get glad the first week at 1500. If I were to go back and actually play legion I’m almost sure it would be people saying the same thing though how pvp is dead and legion glad means nothing etc. also legion legit removed half the buttons and made dh so big brain legion glad here btw.

BFA S1 cutoffs (if %)

BFA S2 cutoffs (if %)


how about this metric: there were so more Dread Gladiators than Gladiators in some Legion seasons (probaly more than in any legion season)

the math was done. the number of people playing in BFA Season 1 was so stupidly high compared to any other wow pvp season since after wrath, its a dumb-dumb to even be against the updated system

ok maybe you had some people playing to get their first glad achieve and so on but where is the resounding success of the title system now?

regardless - no. there were 250k playing the first season of an expansion which is still bad news because wod s3 had something like 300k? yea? that’s the end of an expansion when arena participation is always at its lowest. the first of an expansion always has the hype of new wow content carrying it.

regardless of all this; there are a multitude of factors that can be blamed that all collectively suck the soul out of arena and frankly titles being a set point is not very high on that list. it sucks, but there’s far worse ruining rated pvp at the moment


Even if there were an equal number of people getting glad In BFA compared to the past, the achievement is no where near as difficult in BFA.


you’re cooked it was roughtly 1.08% of 334,000 total players
which came out to about 3617 (roughly) total glads

due to the large season size (season length included) compared to others for example
legion season 5 had 507 total glads

all legion seasons were pretty similar thats just the most recent one we have historical data for

if you took that number (roughly) i think outside of demonic and maybe vindictive it didn’t alter much
and multiplied it by 7 (3549 total stormdragons)
you would have LESS TOTAL stormdragons for the entirety of legion given out than the amount of dread protodrakes ALONE

there were 1302 primal gronns, (wild is EU only data) 769 wild gronns, and 1213 warmongering mounts given out for an xpac total of 3284 gronnlings

there were more dread gladiator mounts given out than the entire total of WoD glad mounts given out as well as seperately the entire total of legion glad mounts given out

additionally (go to last ->and previous twice) dread gladiators protodrake is the only glad mount to ever be higher than sub 0.1% of the entire population which includes sinister
just further displaying dread was a mistake and a pretty big show of how static glad can go very wrong

nah wouldn’t say it was THAT significant

dread had the same as prideful (331813) (which had less than half of dread glads)
and like 30% more than warmongering (242701) / primal (260561)
and only a little big more than 30% in demonic (220,000) which was 1 month shorter than dread season

oh makes sense then


That’s not the point, the point is it would kill participation even more because not only would it be confusing for players wanting to get into PvP (it doesn’t feel good not knowing exactly what rating you need to get in order to get the title you want) but it would also make the pool of Gladiator players abysmal due to how dead the ladder is (percentage based cutoffs were fine in previous seasons of the game because participation was higher) and that’s not a good business incentive from Blizzard, your odds at getting a title shouldn’t depend on how active the ladder is, such a change would kill an already dwindling playerbase that participates in arenas. The ladder isn’t inactive cause of static titles, the ladder is inactive because the game is dog and a large majority of the people who participated in bfa s1 have since quit as a result, bringing back percentage based titles wouldn’t change that. Percentage based titles won’t suddenly solve the issues of awful class design, alt unfriendliness, horrible slot machine rng loot gearing systems and abysmal PvP rewards, things that actually affect participation.

Quote me where I said that, oh wait you can’t…


i think we should get an old ability back with each title bracket we make it to


wasnt talking about you cutie.

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What? My only title? I quit wow back in cata but I do played wotlk in its entirety.
I was already sitting on a gladiator mount before either of you even knew what world of warcraft was, and this is not even an exageration
also your only glad titles ever were in the lowest played seasons the game has ever had, and the saddest part is neither of you took a break after or during it, not even in bfa seasons 2 or 3 (what the actual f who is playing right now)

I’ll take my title in the most played season the game has ever had (wrathful) over all of yours in any day

but I guess you wouldnt, since you’d rather have 50k people doing arena and having MUH EXCLUSIVEZ mounts than having more and more players in the player base trying it out

come to think of it, its even stupid to argue with people who would rather have wow pvp be dead but have outdated systems only because of “exclusivity” instead of having a system that makes people want to play it

the majority is on my side, even on the PvP community

now go on and tell everyone how exclusive your legion drake, where only you and your friend timmy have (because noone else played it), are


i can’t help but feel like you’re talking very aggressively vs logically now. Pvp isnt dead or alive because of 50 wins or % base glad, pvp is dying because there’s a lack of changes and unbalancing issues that need to be solved.

I guarantee them making glad % base instead of 50 wins wouldn’t effect pvp in the slightest and the ladder would remain the same. There really hasn’t been an insanely active pvp ladder since wod, and even then it was on the decline.

I agree there should be some cosmetic rewards for the more “casual” player but certainly not gladiator.

They need to make it so titles are not faction based anymore, but ladder based. Bring back % based titles, and add more cosmetics.


At this point i wouldnt care if they gave people r1 title at 2400 with 100 wins, just make arena fun to play because at the end of the day, playing against good players and having fun/intense games i guess is more enjoyable than some stupid fotm title to have


you’re correct.
in the current stance of the game, with the current player base, changing the ways titles are handed wouldnt change a thing.
what I meant is that the % of the total player base (the entire game in general) that participated in PvP was up by a huge margin during season 1 of BFA and that is largely due to how “new and different” the system seemed in comparison to the old system.

Now one can argue it was the fact PvP gear drops were, during season 1 of BFA, about 20 times (TWENTY!!!) higher than it is right now, and that the gear itself was good/useful in PvP in comparison to today’s gear that sucks at everything including pvp.

But you cant deny that there was indeed a boost in participation, and that the big number of queues, especially in high ladder, is something very different than we ever had.

Even in wotlk season 8, the most played season ever, you would only queue versus one specific team at 2700+ for 3+ hours straight.

There are a lot of other reasons why the system is inherently better though, but im too lazy to list

Well, i think its almost unfair to compare participation in the first season of any expansion because typically a lot of old players return and new players play. Also, there was increased participation for new players due to Challenger/Rival/Duelist being earned at a specific rating, as well as cosmetics being tied into those ranks. (Not saying gladiator didn’t also help contribute to those increased participation numbers, but the typical new player is unable to reach 2400+).

I understand and agree with points from both sides of the arguments, my personal stance isn’t coming from a sense of ‘elitism’, I just like having some cosmetics harder to reach than others. Keeps the game interesting.

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