Legion glad=bfa glad

I called 1-800-ASK-GARY but they told me it wasn’t an automobile axident so, they couldn’t help

i saw a rogue with cata glad drake and his highest rating was like 2450.

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I have neither glad … so i win


Who cares? Are you having fun? Continue playing and have thicker skin and stop caring what other people say/think. Not having fun? Quit and stop flooding the game with your toxic negativity.

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battlegroups were fun ok? I’ve heard that there were some tbc glads that didn’t even earn shoulders.

Remember when people xferred to Emberstorm for titles? LOL

That was when notice/cutoffs were first released, went up about 100ish points each.

This is probably the funniest forum post I have ever seen. LMFAO

Nobody cares.

Grievous glad was 2300 lol

legion s1 alliance glad was like 2395
alliance legion s1 rank1 was like 2500


There were fewer people who got the glad achv this time than got at least one of the BC glad mounts, the amount of people who got to glad rating is more, but not everyone who ended at that rating got the 50 wins so it ended up being about equal to an old glad mount, maybe about 0.55 instead of 0.5

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yeah i dont think out of 3% above 2400 that 2.45% just haappened to not get wins man

Ehhhh idk at like 2415 last ssn I was rank like 950 or somethin, any idea how many R1 titles went out? S1 that prolly woulda been only like top 4k.

Was it actually 3% above 2400 or were u just ball parking that? im just being really lazy right now and dont wanna look up the numbers.

Anyway, in bfa yea its prolly easier to get glad cuz a lot of ppl after 50 wins prolly just stop so rating remains a lil deflated. Esp cuz not everyone is pushing like mad at the end of the season unless ur goin for r1.

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Legion glad was easy but you are literaly brain damage if u think 50 wins above 2400 is equiv. Theirs a reason a insane amount of bad players have their first “glad title” cuz of bfa. Also equating a title when literally part of the push for glad is having to spam q final week/night to get the extra 40 points or whatever it was you need. People tanked like 100 -200 plus rating final night then have to try to grind it back up sometimes or not get it if they werent good enough. The amount of people quing and pushing for the same thing with their only focus being that title made it really competitive final week.

Thats gone now for Glad at least. Legion glad was easy but its not even comparable. As You just get it at any time now for low rating. Theirs no drive now people just get it passively quing for fun/random stuff. Theirs no competivness. if it was 2700 50 wins it would be better. I still think it should be % based. Quing final week for my early glad titles is some of the funnest times I’v had on wow

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Nobody readin that

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Hey guys ret paladin here with another massive horse pill of a run on sentence post, no line breaks you already know how it is

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ye my grammars terrible. Doesn’t make my post wrong. I added a space

Sorry about your grandma, may the light renew her

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It was below 3% (Was a bit over 2%) above 2400 in S1, for it to be above 3% then that would mean S2 had to have had more inflation than S1 which is just objectively false so they were just ball parking that.

Ret pally are not as classy and sophisticated as us holy pallys.