BfA Ink Trader

I used to send the inks to an alt to hold on to, just in case. But, now that glyphs are a cosmetic accessory instead of a requirement, I just cant imagine them keeping up with this silly ink trader idea.

Now I just vender the blue stuff (red is getting there too). Easy fix since Ill vomit if I do another TD+ to use lockpicks.

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Blizzard should stop saying they care about the community. This thread is the proof they don’t act on the problem or even respond to it.

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PLEASE!!! Come on!

If Blizzard replied to everything that players imagine, they would need a lot more employees than they have.

After all, there are millions of players, and we can all imagine things.

And it would not end with a blue post saying “Not planned at this time.” Players would continue posting about it forever. Every week it would be “how about now?”, just like a small child in the car on a long trip.

Blizzard doesn’t have time for this. Some players do – that is why we are here, posting in the forums about things that are number 4,500 in a prioritized list of game issues…

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Blizzard dev team. Please update the ink trader. I am frustrated that there is not much to use ultramarine pigments on. Inscriptionists have waited long enough. Please allocate enough resources to make sure all your games are successful, and not half done when you put them out.


Ultramarine Ink almost seems like a bad April Fools Joke. Most Inscriptionists must have 5000+ and can’t do much of anything with them except fill up our bank slots.

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Am I the only one that isn’t bothered by this? I’m an altoholic so I have…well, less than 35 characters. All of my characters have 4 bags. MOST of my characters have MOST of their bag space filled with stuff that the game has dropped on me. None of sells in the AH. None of it is useful.

Half of it I can’t even vendor or delete. The more worthless the item, the more likely Blizzard will force you to type D-E-L-E-T-E to delete it. And for some items they don’t even allow that. So my bags fill up, my banks fill up. I’m sure I have several thousand things I will never sell or use.

Ultramarine pigment is just one more. A useless side-effect of gettting the green stuff. It doesn’t bother me. I don’t look at it and say “Oh my gosh! The entire Dev team doesn’t CARE about me! I thought ion was my BFF…”

Still no ink trader? WTF?

Jan 2019 - Blizz still silent on this. Gonna go out on a limb and predict that they’ll mark this Read-Only before replying. :frowning:

March still no ink trader. Picking legion herbs worth more then bfa =P

Month doesn’t matter, an ink trader is not going to be “hotfixed” into the game at this point. No one has mentioned a trader in 8.1.5 which launches next week (?), so 8.2 at the earliest, and if BfA is an extension to Legion like I believe, Blizzard still wants players farming the Broken Isles, so no ink trader this expansion.

May 17th checking in…

No ink trader

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thanks for the update

Yes, exactly. Inscription is number four-thousand and something on a list when there are only a handful of professions. Let’s face it, inscription will never be a priority again, but that still doesn’t make it right to just go ahead and ignore some extremely common issues with it. Example: 500,000 excess Ultramarine Inks.

Jessica-sellers now she is in the new Dalaran accepting BFA inks

I went to Jessica Sellers in Dalaran.

She sells ink, if you have Roseate Pigment. She does not accept BFA ink. She only accepts Roseate Pigment. I suspect she is not new.

She will let you vendor BFA ink. So will any other NPC in the game. Same price.

Please either update current ink traders or add new ones to BFA capitals. @BlizzDev

Epic thread, i think we’re SOL for ink trader in BFA. Just being realistic :frowning:
let those ultramarines go, folks.

I’m actually using some of mine. Each time my Ins makes a compendium he uses 25 of them. Of course I still have several 33,000 in the bank…

Compendiums. Those are one of those items that have a good markup but are hard to sell. A couple sell every week, but when you’re competing with 6 other sellers, usually you lose.

So what is the vendor price? You can sell each Ultramarine Pigment for 25 coppers, or each Ultramarine Ink for 5 silver. 5 silver? I’m rich! Oh wait, this isn’t Classic and I’m not a level 6…

Less than a week for 8.3 and still no trader??? I had to make and alt just to have one more bank for my ultramarine ink. I’m sure I spent more gold in bank tabs than the ink is actually worth.