BFA Flying

Ok… so… this specific toon was transferred from one of my other accounts to this account. I completed BFA Pathfinder on this toon on the other account.

So, on THIS account, the only one of my characters that can fly in BFA obviously is this toon. I want to unlock flying on this account now on THIS toon. I get I have to start all over but my question is how much do I have to redo? ’

This toon is max rep with all the necessary factions. Will that count towards the new PF? or do I have to grind reps on another toon?

Account-level achievements remain with the source account so need to be completed on the destination account.

From what I can see your Pathfinder two achievement is still in progress. You can usually check your progress by using Wowheads tool.


Thank you Vrakthris. The prob is, according to the WoWhead link, Azerothian Diplomat (when you hover your mouse over Azerothian Diplomat):
All the reps are greyed out

I know on here:
It shows all of them at 100%

So just confused. I am recognized at 100% or no on all the Reps? All I have left is 100 different WQ’s and I should get flying in BFA?

Unfortunately, since the Account-Wide achievements do not transfer with the character they need to be earned again.

It is something that you are not usually able to earn on the same character again so it needs to be done on a different one. There is a section for the Pathfinder achievements in the Character Transfer Support Article. Below is the section:

Pathfinder achievement:

  • If the transferred character has completed the Pathfinder achievement, the character will retain Pathfinder abilities and flight skill, but will not unlock Pathfinder for other characters in the new account
  • If the transferred character hasn’t completed the Pathfinder achievement yet, but has progressed through the achievement, this partial progress will not transfer, and cannot be repeated on this character on the new account
  • Pathfinder progress earned on other characters in the source account will not transfer

Sorry, Aclawz.


Have you tried doing a world quest for each needed faction to see if that causes them to register?

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@Rufflebottom: Yeah, that’s what I am going to do since it is account-wide. Do my 100 WQ (since I will need it anyway) and see if I get lucky.

Thx Vrak!


The rep grind to exalt with Rustbolt and Naz to unlock flight with the sheer verticality in alot of places are the exact reason I refuse to do b4a content

If you want to give your feedback, would be better to do such in general as the CS forum doesn’t pass it along.