Beta Stress Test Invitation Began

Check your accounts from your account settings. From what I’ve gathered it seems the Beta shows up so maybe the stress test will as well?

You think it will be NA players only?

That’s my understanding.

Happy Birthday!

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I don’t mean all proponents got an invite; only that all opponents didn’t.

Yeah I did, sadly nothing. That’s cool tho :slight_smile: If I don’t end up getting one I expect some awesome Hogger raid videos!!!

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People have said it will show up in your bnet account games and subscriptions page on the website. I don’t have the beta so I cant verify if thats true.

Edit: oops, other people already said that.

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Did ANYONE from OCE region get it?

this blows monkey but… wonder how long till the stop sending invites out.

Yeah nothing for me either.

Since it seems I didn’t get in if anyone wants to try it my plan was to create a character and if possible run straight for the STV arena if possible. The servers should be up after the initial two hours and the chest,if possible,should spawn the hour after that.

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Welcome to Classic!

Or welcome back to classic!

Head over to the Goldshire In when the test starts and I’ll make you some free Linen Bags. (Please bring some linen. It runs out fast!)


BIS Green Linen Robes

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Congratulations Good job Merry Christmas … I don’t care! /whimper


Don’t give up hope yet, it sounds like there is going to be lots and lots of invites going out. Could even speculate the invites will take a couple hours?

brb committing sodoku

I’d give it another hour then i’d call it for refreshing. Who knows though. GL!

Well, my account is a vanilla account and I didn’t even get an invite to the stress test (yet).
Feels real bad, my lads. Real bad.

You are going out to get a disease?

I dont know why I’m excited about this. Classic is magical.


I’m not looking forward to the “it’s not fair, I paid $15 and didnt even get into the stress test” threads coming later tonight and tomorrow.