Beta Stress Test Invitation Began

Yeah I know but the beta invites come with emails as well, albeit they seem to come much later and I’m at work, can’t check launcher for about 2 hours :frowning:

pepper your angus, lads


Guess who didn’t make it in! Again!


No… just restarted my BNet client and it was there.

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Sucks so bad that i haven’t got into beta yet… i turned my active sub on about a month ago, i have an 3/05 account. All i care about is classic wow, so many people will not even use there beta invites thats the even crazier part to me.


I guess the salt comes from their tears.


Blizzard bamboozled me into resubbing, lol.


Wrath baby here. I was under no illusions that I would get in. All of you OG account people deserve it though!


That’s your fault.
Do you think powerball bamboozled you into buying a lottery ticket?

Yes, those lummoxes. With their 758 million dollar jackpot

Very nice.

At least tomorrow is my birthday. If I don’t get invited, there’s that… I guess… Womp womp wompppppppppp

Edit: I made it boys.


grats magda!

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Too bad we didn’t all get it. I suspect one of Blizzard’s criteria was “no posts on the forums saying sharding is bad.”

I don’t think a person like me would be much use testing their sharding system, because my thoughts are “remove it.”

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It looks, to me, like the stress test will only be for 2 hours, but the servers themselves will be available for about a day.


Happy Birthday :smiley:

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I got it on my launcher now also. :):grinning:
I downloaded it and started the game only to find its only for the stress test server (thats not up yet)not the regular beta server :frowning: I had no access to the regular beta servers.

It says for “beta and stress test WoW classic”" So I was hoping I could also join the regular beta servers. Welp its something at least


Just showed up on my launcher now too. Installing. :slight_smile:

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Congrats ppl, ill enjoy fromt he sidelines…

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Just got mine as well. Good luck boys!

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Even that doesn’t count. Proponents for sharding didn’t get an invite either.